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Parts available for DALI-2 certification

DALI-2 certification: Parts available 

DALI-2 certification is based on DALI-2 test specifications created and maintained by the DALI Alliance. The test specifications are derived either from individual Parts of IEC 62386 or from DiiA specifications.

The following Parts are available for DALI-2 certification:

Part Device type Details
101 System components General requirements
102 Control gear General requirements
202 Control gear Self-contained emergency
205 Control gear Incandescent lamp dimmer
206 Control gear Conversion to DC (0/1-10 V)
207 Control gear LED drivers
208 Control gear Relays & switches
209 Control gear Colour control
250 Control gear Integrated bus power supply
251 Control gear Luminaire data 
252 Control gear Energy data 
253 Control gear Diagnostics data
150 AUX power supplies Stand-alone devices or integrated with LED drivers
103 Control devices General requirements
301 Control devices - input devices Push-button devices
302 Control devices - input devices Absolute input devices e.g. switches, sliders
303 Control devices - input devices Occupancy sensors
304 Control devices - input devices Light sensors
351 Control devices Luminaire-mounted control devices