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PD IR 4360-24 DALI-2 IPD AP SW

General information

DALI Product ID6300
Product NamePD IR 4360-24 DALI-2 IPD AP SW
StatusCertified: DALI-2
Product Part Number085834
Bus unit configuration-

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Test conditionstested at room temperature
Test typeNone
Family reference product ID6277
DALI test sequence software version2.3.3.0


Bus current consumption84
Guaranteed supply current0
Maximum supply current0

Hardware/firmware information

If multiple versions exist then contact the manufacturer for details of the older versions.

Hardware version1.0
Firmware version1.3

Product reference product description

The 4000-series presence detectors as bus powered DALI-2 Input Devices are delivering data from occupancy, presence, and light to the DALI network.


Passive infrared based presence detector with 360° detection angle. A light sensor is integrated. Suitable for indoor ceiling mounting (surface mounting), IP 54. This is a multi-part product. Certification is valid when the following parts are used together: sensor module and load module. In terms of functionality, this product is identical with fully tested family product with ID 6277 (surface mounting variant).

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Product properties

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