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Projects and case studies

DALI Lighting Awards 2022

>> View details of the Winners and Highly Commended projects

Recent DALI projects


April 2023

Bright lights, smart city: Mount Vernon, New York adds Signify’s Interact connected lighting system and sensor technology to streetlights to gain value beyond illumination


April 2023

Kungsbacka Invests in LED Lamps with Wireless Lighting Control and Motion Sensors

LEDVANCE (Voltimum)

March 2023

Kings Cross Station switches to LEDVANCE to cut energy, maintenance and running costs

Architectural SSL

Jan 2023

Luminous forest: Copenhagen's B104 Power Plant 


DALI Lighting Awards 2021

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DALI Lighting Awards 2020

>> Winning projects from the DALI Lighting Awards 2020

Smart, energy-efficient lighting control helps workplaces shine Lighting-control systems based on the DALI protocol are illuminating workplaces around the world, as several projects shortlisted for the 2020 DALI Lighting Awards demonstrate.


Recent DALI projects


Office Building "People Hub" in Rome, Italy

"The BMS manages the electrical and mechanical systems of a structure made up of 6 towers, each consisting of 8 floors plus roofs and basements...Approximately 120 DALI ballasts, 30 LDALI-MS2 presence and light multi-sensors and 30 LDALI-BM1 pushbutton interface modules have been installed on each floor."

Lifud Technology Co., Ltd.

April 2022

DALI 会员案例 | DALI 照亮每一次出行,上海地铁15号线智能照明应用

DALI illuminates every trip, a smart lighting application for Shanghai Metro line 15


April 2022

DALI 会员案例 | 超5万台用量!全球超大DALI驱动项目应用里程碑——重庆中央公园大道上峯+智能项目

Over 50,000 units! Global super-large DALI driver project application milestone - Chongqing Central Park Avenue Shangfeng

Lifud Technology Co., Ltd.

March 2022

A New Footstep of Lifud LED Driver on the New Landmark of Nanjing—Yangtze River International Conference Center
Shenzhen Sunricher Technology Co., Ltd.

China Academy of Space Technology

"The project required multi-panel joint control, RGBW dimming, and 256 levels of smooth and delicate dimming. According to the above requirements, DALI is the most suitable choice."


January 2022

Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Centre


Completed: April 2021

James McCune Smith Learning Hub, University of Glasgow

"DALI provides an open system which allows ease of installation, reliability, and is future-proof. All sensor and input devices were to be part of the same network as the luminaires. The system was required to be accessible to the University’s facility management team and report faults automatically and provide future connectivity options."

NVC Lighting

September 2021

Royal Albert Dock

"The system is controlled by DALI, the 2-way communications protocol that provides control over, and communication between, the components in a lighting system for ultimate performance and flexibility."


September 2021

South Quay Plaza - One of Europe’s tallest residential towers

Delmatic supplied the advanced DALI-2 lighting control system to South Quay Plaza, one of Europe’s tallest residential towers. The sixty-eight storey building is equipped with a state-of-the-art DALI-2 Buswire and Broadcast solution providing energy-efficient scene-setting, smart data sharing and incorporating comprehensive testing and monitoring of emergency lighting and battery packs.


September 2021

Maximizing The Student Experience With Lighting - St. Leonard’s College, Melbourne Australia

This project from Schuler Shook was a winner of the Medium Indoor Projects category in the 2020 DALI Lighting Awards.


September 2021

Civic Quarter, Canberra, Australia

Vanpee A/S

August 2021

Vágartunnelen (posting on LinkedIn)

The Vágar Tunnel connects Tórshavn with Vágar Airport in the Faroe Islands. The tunnel is 4.9 km long and ten meters wide. In collaboration with LM Electric in the Faroe Islands, Vanpee supplied a Helvar DALI light control system. The approximately 400 luminaires in the tunnel are programmed so that the light intensity drops down towards the center of the tunnel. On the way out of the tunnel, the light rises again, so that the eyes get used to the intensity before getting out into the daylight.

Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA)

February 2021

City of Palmerston ‘Makes the Switch’ across its lighting network with the latest in smart technology

Palmerston, Australia, is switching its 5,000 streetlights to smart LED technology. This includes a downward-facing Zhaga-D4i interface on each luminaire, to allow for future addition of smart sensors. These might count traffic, measure climate parameters or monitor for pollution.


January 2021

A safe, sustainable journey for Gran Canaria's highways

This Smart City project uses Philips DigiStreet luminaires with integrated Zhaga-D4i connectors, which will allow sensors and other connected devices to be installed in the future.


December 2020

Smart city becomes reality

This networked street lighting project in Biberstein, Switzerland, uses Zhaga-D4i luminaires from Siteco, which contain D4i LED drivers from OSRAM. These have the capability to provide luminaire, energy and diagnostics data according to specifications from the DALI Alliance (DiiA).


More DALI projects


CP Electronics

September 2020

Old Admiralty Building


August 2020

Beverly Center selects ETC to control luxurious new lighting


July 2020

Social-distancing office, UK

"The control protocol is DALI-2 and, as it’s all phase dimmed from a single infrastructure, it gave the lighting designers flexibility in the selection of light sources."


May 2020

ENG flagship store, Shanghai

"Calibration by the drivers and LED modules ensures high white light quality from 2,700 to 6,500 K – at constant luminous flux in all colour temperatures and perfect colour consistency between systems and luminaires. The built-in DT8 PRE drivers offer outstanding dimming between 1 and 100 percent thanks to DALI."

Lichtvision Design

January 2020

Bauhaus Museum. Dessau

Trends in Lighting spoke with project director Carla Wilkins from Lichtvision Design on the lighting scheme for Bauhaus Museum Dessau..."We provided a DALI lighting control system and grouped the fittings in order to provide a sleek interior appearance devoted to functionality...The industry standard DALI has made it possible for us to overcome most technical challenges in a manageable way."


December 2019

Forum Groningen, Netherlands

"Over one thousand tunable white luminaires deliver uniform, quality light across ten floors of retail and public space...[luminaires] can be dimmed to 0.1% and provide continuous dynamic adjustment of the light from 2500K to 4000K throughout the day...Using eldoLED® drivers supporting the new DALI Device Type (DT) 8 standard..."



Beijing Daxing Int'l Airport

DiiA Member: Tridonic

Location: Beijing, PR China

Date: October 2019

>> Find out more

Galicia Jewish Museum

DiiA Member: Silvair

Location: Krakow , Poland

Date: October 2019

Georgia Power

DiiA Member: Telensa

Location: USA

Date: May 2019

St. Peter's Basilica

DiiA Member: OSRAM

Location: Rome, Italy

Date: January 2019


More DALI projects



arc Magazine

December 2019

Samsung KX

“The entire space is controlled by a DALI system, which has the capacity to be totally transformative. Every one of the LED lights that you see in the space is individually addressable and can be adjusted according to how Samsung KX is being used.”

Automated Technology Company (ATC)

December 2019

The first KNX intelligent commercial building in the USA

As the HQ for ABB’s Industrial Automation USA division, this intelligent building needed to have the highest level of building automation available. The KNX protocol was used for all of the occupant/room level controls including LED lighting (with DALI) and HVAC. The project comprises 1197 KNX components, 3425 DALI interior lights, and 225 exterior lights including the parking lot and five ABB signs.

December 2019

Lighting Control: A Work of Art

"The Prodigy Controller...seamlessly interfaces with existing DALI fixtures and can be controlled remotely via app or web browser from any smart device, allowing for easy and instant reconfiguring of light levels throughout the space."

November 2019

Pilkington Automotive facility, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

"Around 1,300 Maxos fusion luminaires from Signify illuminate the entire facility in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and the sensors relay information about warehouse usage and conditions via a Zigbee wireless connection to a cloud data system...Chips also wirelessly relay information about light conditions (such as outages) and luminaire energy consumption, which they gather from DALI wires in the same trunk as the electricity wires. Pilkington additionally uses DALI for lighting control." 

>> Signify PR


November 2019

Fidelity unveils WELL-certified lighting at London HQ

"The entire workplace is controlled by a DALI system, which has been pre-programmed to alternate between different scenes..." 


(LEDs Magazine)

November 2019

Aerospace Bristol Museum. Bristol, UK

"The system communicates via DALI, which means that each DALI luminaire can be used as an individually monitored emergency luminaire and can be controlled individually."


October 2019

Bauhaus Dessau, Museum

"Bauhaus Dessau Museum uses ABB i-bus KNX for safe and smart building technology...Using ABB’s DALI gateways all controllers, sensors and detectors can be integrated into one network. This enables programming and control of all lights in the building from the central control point."


Lux Review

October 2019

Imperial College, London

"Imperial College’s main criteria was that the project had to result in energy cost savings and take advantage of any natural daylight. BEG Lighting Controls and Buro Happold worked on the layout of the lighting as well as the level of light and type of control required for these areas."

Lux Review magazine

May 2019

Macq office, Brussels, Belgium

"The controller converts Bluetooth mesh commands to a DALI output, enabling rapid retrofitting of existing LED systems into Bluetooth mesh lighting networks."


arc Magazine

March 2019

Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber, UK

"Control-wise, KSLD replaced the original scheme with Lutron-controlled DALI lines, as Shaw elaborated: “The original scheme was just switched. We had all the power lines in the ceiling, and we repurposed these to become DALI lines with minimal re-wiring, because in six weeks, we couldn’t rewire the whole thing.”

ALA Architects

arc Magazine

March 2019

Oodi Central Library, Finland

"Most of the lighting scheme is controlled and dimmable with DALI and operated with KNX building control."

Thorn Lighting

(LEDs Magazine)

January 2019

Thorn delivers the perfect lighting solution for Crossrail Abbey Wood Station

"DALI controls have been used throughout."

January 2019

Evolution Tower, Moscow, Russia

"The system then uses advanced algorithms to control the DALI-dimmable luminaires and the custom roller window blinds to maximise visual comfort and minimise energy use. Each fitting uses RGBW LED technology to allow infinite scenes. In total, there are 3,500 luminaires representing pixels."

Holophane (Acuity Brands)

January 2019

Curl Aberdeen: Lighting Fit for Champions

"To avoid using complicated controls, the rink uses the Holophane Holos Air Lite system. This is based on the wireless EnOcean technology protocol. A simple wall switch, which doesn’t require any mains power, sends a signal wirelessly to the DALI connected node on the luminaires. No extra wiring is required to dim the luminaires."

November 2018

How RocketSpace blasted into the UK’s top office projects

"All lighting was DALI-dimmable using the Ligo lighting-control system, allowing the end user to have the ability to control zones of lighting."

Thorn Lighting

October 2018

Thorn illuminates world’s longest sea bridge

Thorn secured two of the three lighting contracts for the world’s longest sea bridge, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, a 115.9 billion yuan (EUR14.7 billion) project. Thorn’s products illuminate the two artificial islands at the east and west of the crossing, and the tunnel that leads to the bridge from Hong Kong. Thorn's Hong Kong team secured the tunnel lighting contract using 6000 of Thorn’s GTLED Entry and GT58 luminaires with DALI drivers to light a one-kilometre tunnel.



Kunsthalle Mannheim

DiiA Member: Tridonic

Location: Mannheim, Germany

Date: November 2018

X5 Warehouse

DiiA Member: CP Electronics

Location: Tyumen, Russia

Date: June 2018


DiiA member: Tridonic

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Manchester Airport

DiiA member: Loytec (Delta Electronics)

Location: Manchester, UK

Detailed Case Study available

Trust Tower

DiiA member: Helvar

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates