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DiiA Specifications

DiiA Specifications

The DALI Alliance (DiiA) writes and maintains new specifications that define additional DALI features and functions, building on the IEC 62386 international standard. 

DiiA Specifications are freely available to both members and non-members of the DALI Alliance.

The DALI Alliance has transferred some of its specifications to IEC, for publication as new Parts of IEC 62386.

Specifications available for download

The DiiA Specifications listed below can be downloaded
using the form at the bottom of this page, except Part 254.
Note Published version Certification

Connectivity specifications 

Part 104 Changes & Additions 1 v 1.03, July 2022 In progress
Part 341  Bluetooth Mesh to DALI Gateway   v 1.01, April 2021 In progress
Part 342  Zigbee to DALI Gateway   v 1.01, April 2021 In progress

Power supply specifications

DALI Part 150 – AUX Power Supply  2 v 1.1, October 2019
DALI Part 250 – Integrated Bus Power Supply 2 v 1.1, October 2019

Data specifications for control gear

DALI Part 251 – Memory Bank 1 Extension (luminaire data) 2 v 1.1, October 2019
DALI Part 252 – Energy Reporting (energy data) 2 v 1.1, October 2019
DALI Part 253 – Diagnostics & Maintenance (diagnostics data) 2 v 1.1, October 2019

DALI Part 254 – Extended Emergency Data

>> This DiiA Specification is available to members only here

  v 1.1, June 2023 In progress

Specifications for control devices

DALI Part 351 – Luminaire-mounted Control Devices   v 1.0, October 2019



1 This is an interim version that will be updated at a future date. See the document history for an overview of changes.

2 These Specifications have been transferred to IEC and published as new Parts of IEC 62386. The DALI Alliance intends to withdraw the corresponding DiiA Specifications – Parts 150, 250, 251, 252 and 253 – on October 31, 2023.


Other documents available for download

  Published version
D4i Certification and Trademark Use Version 1.2, December 2021

Explains the requirements for drivers, control devices and luminaires. Note that D4i trademark use is reserved for DALI Alliance (DiiA) members only.

Download specifications here

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