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DALI-2, D4i & Zhaga-D4i luminaires

DALI-2 luminaires

Luminaires containing certified DALI-2 components (which are listed in the online Product Database) are allowed to carry the DALI-2 logo.

There is no separate certification for DALI-2 luminaires. 

Trademark usage of the DALI-2 logo is allowed for luminaire makers with Community registration, as well as for all Regular and Associate members. 

>> View registered luminaire brands

For more information, please visit: >> DALI for Luminaire Makers


D4i luminaires

Luminaires that meet the requirements in the document "D4i Certification and Trademark Use" are entitled to use the D4i logo trademark. 

There is no separate certification for D4i luminaires.

D4i components

D4i components are shown in the online Product Database.


Zhaga-D4i luminaires

Zhaga-D4i luminaires contain LED drivers meeting the D4i requirements, and also have a powered Zhaga receptacle, which can accommodate a sensor or communication node with a corresponding Zhaga plug. >> More on Zhaga-D4i

The Zhaga-D4i certification program is run by Zhaga. Qualifying luminaires are able to use the Zhaga and D4i logos together on a product. 

>> List of certified Zhaga-D4i luminaire product famililes (Zhaga website)

Within a product family, the Zhaga and D4i logos can only be used on compatible luminaires. The family may include luminaires that do not include Zhaga connectors, and are therefore not compatible with the Zhaga-D4i requirements. 

Compatible (certified) Zhaga-D4i luminaires may have one or two Zhaga sockets, or may have a hybrid configuration of one Zhaga Book 18 socket and one ANSI C136.41 socket.

Zhaga-D4i control devices

D4i control devices are listed in the DALI Alliance product database. 

Zhaga-D4i control devices are listed in the Zhaga product database.