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Testing for DALI-2 compliance

Test equipment

Testing for DALI-2 compliance (including D4i) is carried out using ProbitLab test equipment, together with ProbitBench software. Both ProbitLab and ProbitBench are developed, owned and distributed by Lichtvision Engineering.

DiiA members are supplied with software Test Sequences that enable compliance testing. These test sequences are plugins for ProbitBench.

There are two different versions of the testing hardware: ProbitLab (no longer available) and ProbitLab2. 

Equipment Capability

ProbitLab can test DALI-2 control gear, provided they do NOT have an integrated bus power supply.

IMPORTANT: Support for ProbitLab will end in 2022 - see below

ProbitLab2 In addition to the above, ProbitLab2 can test DALI-2 control devices (e.g. sensors, application controllers etc), standalone bus power supplies, and devices with integrated bus power supplies.

ProbitLab2 test equipment from Lichtvision


End of support for ProbitLab

The current major release of ProbitBench (4.3.x.x) is expected to be the last to support the ProbitLab test platform. Support will of course continue for the ProbitLab2. 

With the next major ProbitBench release, there will be a grace period as usual. The previous version of ProbitBench and also ProbitLab can continue to be used during the grace period. 

After the grace period, the ProbitLab2 will need to be used.

The dates of the grace period will be published in late 2022, nearer the time of the next major release.

The earliest date that the ProbitLab support will end is 31 December 2022.


Additional test equipment

Various other equipment is required, depending on the types of products to be tested. This includes:

  • Voltmeter and ammeter
  • Light meter
  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • Fast light sensor (where fast light measurements are required)

It is recommended to use a light meter with a suitable USB interface, allowing automation of many of the measurements. The Extech SDL400 with Extech USB interface cable is currently supported.

For tests requiring fast light measurements, a photodiode such as TSL250R, or a detector using a photodiode such as the ThorLabs DET10A2, are suitable.

Colour control gear implementing tunable white (colour type Tc) require colour measurements as part of the tests. These measurements can be automated by use of a suitable USB-connected colour meter. Currently, three meters from Gigahertz-Optik are supported: CSS-45, MSC15 or BTS256-EF.


DALI Test Houses

Member companies can carry out the required tests for each product, or they can use the services of DALI test houses that are accredited by the DALI Alliance (DiiA).

>> View the full list of DALI Test Houses


A typical DALI-2 testing set-up, with a ProbitLab2 at front right. Photo courtesy of LOYTEC GmbH.


Test sequences (software)

Test-sequence software for DALI-2 testing is developed by DiiA’s Technical & Certification Work Group (T&C WG), and supplied to DiiA members.

>> Download DALI-2 test sequences (DiiA members only)

Test sequences for DALI-2 testing are based on the DALI-2 Test Specifications, which are in turn derived from either the multi-Part IEC 62386 standard or from new DiiA specifications.

To achieve DALI-2 certification, a product must show compliance with each specification (Part) that is implemented.

The DALI-2 certification program will be expanded through the development and release of new test sequences, according to the priorities determined by DiiA members.