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Membership benefits

Benefits of DiiA membership

DiiA is an open, global consortium of lighting companies, and new members are welcome to join. There are 2 main categories of membership – Regular and Associate – each offering different benefits, as shown below. Also, Community registration is free-of-charge for luminaire makers. 

Members are entitled to participate in the DALI-2 certification program, and to use the DALI trademarks in accordance with the DiiA Trademark Guidelines. Regular members can participate directly in the development of new specifications and the expansion of DALI-2.


Associate Member

Regular Member

(note 2)

Access to DALI-2 test sequences  
Certification of DALI-2 products, use of DALI-2 logo on certified products (also applies to D4i)  
Use of logos (DALI-2, D4i, DALI version-1) on luminaires containing DALI devices from DiiA members
Use of DALI version-1 logo on registered control gear  
Use of DiiA logo and DALI version-1 logo for marketing materials
Number of affiliate companies/brands that are entitled to use Trademarks 3 No limit 1
Access to members-only website  
Participation in General Assembly meetings  
Receive membership communication
Access to draft deliverables (test sequences, specifications)    
Approval of final deliverables    
Participation and voting in working groups. Contribute to DiiA roadmap and development of test specifications.    
Participation in interoperability events (Plugfests)    
Eligible for Board of Directors membership    
Membership fee per calendar year

EUR 5,000

(note 1)

EUR 15,000

​(note 1)

No fee

(note 2)

Note 1: Fee is for each calendar year. There is no reduction based on the month of joining.

Note 2: Registration required. Community registration is for luminaire makers only. >> More details



if you have any questions about DiiA membership, please see our FAQ section or contact us directly.