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DALI Sensors and other input devices

DALI Sensors and other input devices

Sensors and other input devices are specified in Parts 301-304
Parts 305 and 306 are in development
DALI-2 certification is available for devices implementing one or more of Parts 301-304
To find DALI-2 products in the database, select the following filters:
>> In the Product Search box, select Input devices
>>Select required Part number(s)

Input devices are one of the two main types of control device; the other type are application controllers. 

Input devices are fairly simple devices that provide information to the lighting-control system. Sensors provide information, such as light levels or movement, to enable automated control, while other devices such as push-buttons, sliders and rotary controls allow users to make adjustments. 

Technical details

Input devices are multi-master, meaning that multiple devices can share use of the DALI bus.

Input devices are normally used in event-driven mode, but they can also operate by polling or by periodic transmission. 

Up to 32 “instances” can be in the same product (using one address)

  • An example is a sensor consisting of an occupancy sensor (303) and a light sensor (304)

Optional “feedback” feature can be used to control LED indicators on each instance, for example on push-buttons.


DALI-2 certification of input devices

Input devices including sensors were added to the DALI-2 certification program in May 2019. 

All DALI-2 certified products are listed in the Product Database

As control devices, all DALI-2 input devices implement Parts 101 and 103 of IEC 62386. In addition, one or more of the following Parts are implemented:

Part number Type of input device Status
301 Push buttons Available for DALI-2 certification
302 Absolute input devices
303 Occupancy sensors
304 Light sensors
305 Colour sensors Specification in development (IEC)
306 General-purpose sensors Specification in development (IEC)


  • May 20: Input devices added to DALI-2 certification program
  • May 22: First DALI-2 input device is certified by Zencontrol
  • May 30: First certified DALI-2 sensors and other input devices added to Product Database
  • June 27, 2019 (Press Release): DALI-2 certification of sensors and input devices is now underway

Input devices by type

Part 301: Push-buttons
Various events can be sent:
  • Press
  • release
  • short-press
  • long-press
  • double-press
  • button-stuck
Part 302: Absolute input devices
  • Simple on/off switches, or multi-position switches
  • Digital inputs
  • Analog inputs
  • Slider or rotary controls
  • Sends a “position” event
Part 303: Occupancy sensors
  • Movement or presence type sensors catered for.
  • Events can be triggered on state change to:
    • occupied
    • vacant
    • movement
    • no movement.
Part 304: Light sensors
  • Measure illuminance level
  • Programmable hysteresis to minimise bus traffic
  • Optional periodic events reporting the illuminance level