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Luminaire, Energy & Diagnostics Data

DALI Data specifications enable LED drivers to provide a rich set of data for real-time performance monitoring, enhanced asset management, diagnostics, energy metering and other applications. The bi-directional nature of DALI enables data to be communicated with the lighting-control network.

      Requirement for certification
DALI Data type Part DiiA Specification title DALI-2  D4i 

Luminaire Data

251 DALI Part 251 – Memory Bank 1 Extension Optional Mandatory

Energy Data

252 DALI Part 252 – Energy Reporting Optional Mandatory

Diagnostics Data

253 DALI Part 253 – Diagnostics & Maintenance Optional Mandatory

DALI Data is stored in DALI memory banks in the LED driver, with standardized formatting and locations. 

Data relates to the light source, the LED driver and the luminaire.

The DALI Data specifications (Parts 251, 252 and 253) were created and are maintained by the DALI Alliance (DiiA). Specifications will be transferred to IEC for incorporation into IEC 62386.

Published specifications are available to download here


DALI-2 and D4i certification

For DALI-2 certification, all of Parts 251, 252 and 253 are optional. 

To achieve D4i certification, LED drivers must implement all of the data Parts 251, 252 and 253, as well as meeting additional requirements. 

>> More about D4i certification


Specification details

Luminaire Data (Part 251)

Luminaire information is typically encoded into the LED driver by the luminaire manufacturer. Data includes:

  • luminaire supply power & voltage
  • light output,
  • CCT & CRI,
  • light distribution
  • luminaire colour, and more.

Usage example: A manufacturer can encode data about the luminaire in the factory. When the luminaire is installed, the data is readily available to the lighting-control network. A utility company or lighting-installation owner could use this capability for automated commissioning, and to monitor and manage their lighting assets accurately and efficiently.

Energy Data (Part 252)

The LED driver can report operational data including:

  • Active energy/power
  • Apparent energy/power
  • Load-side energy/power

Some information is optional – see DiiA Specification Part 252 for detailed requirements. 

Diagnostics Data (Part 253)

The LED driver can report operational data including:

  • Failure conditions for control gear and lamps, including counters.
  • Control gear information: Operating time, start counter, supply voltage and frequency, power factor, temperature and output current.
  • Light source information: Operating voltage, current, temperature, light source start counter, light source on time.

Some information is optional – see DiiA Specification Part 253 for detailed requirements.