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DALI Alliance China Focus Group



Focus on China's smart lighting


The China Focus Group is open to all Regular members of the DALI Alliance. Please contact us for more information.





Weixin ID: DALI_Alliance

DALI联盟(DALI Alliance)是一个开放、非盈利的DALI智能照明全球性行业组织,由300余家领先照明企业组成。该公众号由DALI联盟唯一授权的大中华区组织——DALI联盟中国焦点组(DALI-CFG)运营。

DALI Alliance (DALI Alliance) is an open, non-profit DALI intelligent lighting global industry organization, composed of more than 300 leading lighting companies. The official account is operated by the DALI Alliance China Focus Group (DALI-CFG), the only organization authorized by the DALI Alliance in Greater China.


Jan 13, 2023 DALI Alliance News

DALI 动态 | 4家中国企业加入DALI联盟,富安电子Fuan Electronics成为全权会员

DALI Dynamic | 4 Chinese companies joined the DALI alliance, and Fuan Electronics became a full member

Jan 13, 2023 Member News

会员动态 | 欧司朗OSRAM:DALI PRO 2 IoT荣获两项国际大奖

Member Activity | Osram: DALI Pro 2 IoT wins two international awards

Jan 11, 2023 Event Preview

培训预告 | DALI系统应用设计工程师训练营即将上线,豪华导师阵容首发亮相!

Training Trailer | DALI System Application Design Engineer Training Camp is about to be launched, and the luxury mentor lineup is unveiled!


Dec 23, 2022 DALI Alliance News

DALI Blog | IEC发布了IEC 62386第101、102和103部分的新版本

IEC has published new versions of IEC 62386 Parts 101, 102 and 103

Dec 23, 2022 Member News

会员动态 | 雷特科技推出NFC全指令可编程DALI电源

Member News | LTECH Launches NFC Full Command Programmable DALI Power Supply

Dec 19, 2022 DALI Alliance News

分享 | DALI与DALI联盟

Introducing DALI and the DALI Alliance: New video

Dec 9, 2022 Member News

会员动态 | 雷特科技成为智能电源第一股!DALI电源出货占比52%

Member Activity | LTECH Technology has become the first stock of intelligent power supply! DALI power shipments accounted for 52%

Dec 9, 2022 DALI Alliance News

DALI Blog | D4i提供了一种简化的、标准化的灯具照明控制方法和丰富的数据收集方法

DALI Blog | D4i provides a simplified, standardized approach to luminaire lighting control and rich data collection

Dec 6, 2022 Case Study

会员动态 | 晟瑞科技用智能照明点亮全世界球迷的狂欢之路

Member Activity | Sunricher lights up the carnival road of fans around the world with intelligent lighting

Dec 6, 2022 DALI Alliance News

DALI Lighting Award | 报名持续!延期至2023年1月20日,愿你握住“高光时刻”!

DALI Lighting Award | Registration continues! Postponed to January 20, 2023, may you hold the "highlight moment"!

Dec 2, 2022 Event Report

报告分享 | 8大名师线上分享,聚焦DALI标准技术创新应用

Report sharing | 8 famous teachers shared online, focusing on the technological innovation and application of DALI standards

Nov 18, 2022 Event Report

论坛报道 | DALI联盟中国区创新应用技术论坛-SIBT&SSHT专场

Forum Report | DALI Alliance China Innovative Application Technology Forum - SIBT & SSHT session

>> Joey Tian presentation on LinkedIn and YouTube

Nov 9, 2022 Event Preview

论坛预告 | 11月15日DALI联盟中国区创新应用技术论坛-SSHT&SIBT专场线上相约!

Forum Preview | On November 15th, the DALI Alliance China Innovation and Application Technology Forum - SSHT&SIBT special session met online!

Nov 1, 2022 DALI Alliance News


The combination of DALI+ and Thread brings unparalleled flexibility to smart building lighting

Nov 1, 2022 Member News

会员动态 | SUNRICHER晟瑞科技DALI NFC电源给您极致的照明体验!

Member News | Sunricher DALI NFC power supply gives you the ultimate lighting experience!

Oct 12, 2022 DALI Alliance News

DALI Award | 2022年DALI照明奖参赛作品征集中,中国区专属报名通道现已开启!

The 2022 DALI Lighting Award is called for entries, and the exclusive registration channel in China is now open!

Sept 27, 2022 Event Report

DALI 动态 | DALI联盟中国区首次DALI系统和应用基础培训活动圆满收官

DALI Alliance China's first DALI system and application basic training activity was successfully concluded at Sunricher

Sept 21, 2022 Event Report

展会聚焦 | DALI联盟携4家会员单位亮相第19届东博会,展现智能照明科技风采

DALI Alliance brought 4 member units to the 19th East Expo to show the style of intelligent lighting technology.

[The DALI Alliance took part in the 2022 China (Nanning) International Lighting Exhibition, hosted by the China Lighting Society (CIES) on September 16-19, 2022. The event was located with the large China-Asean Expo.]

Sept 21, 2022 Event Preview DALI Alliance News

DALI 动态 | Light+Building 2022,遇见DALI无线认证计划

Light + Building 2022, Meet the DALI Wireless Certification Program

Sept 15, 2022 Event Report

报告分享 | 薛晓:机场航站楼照明控制系统设计

Report Sharing | Xue Xiao: Lighting Control System Design for Airport Terminal

Sept 14, 2022

会员指南 | 超全面攻略:手把手教你注册DALI联盟会员!

Member Guide | Teach you to sign up for DALI Alliance!

Sept 5, 2022

DALI 技术杂谈 | “大力哥”:DALI 的底层逻辑,Low?牛!

Sept 3, 2022 Event Report

报告分享 | 山口龙磨:光 ON/OFF

Report sharing | Ryuma Yamaguchi: Light ON/OFF

Mr. Ryuma Yamaguchi, Design Director of Guangying Lighting Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the third DALI Alliance China Summit forum and delivered a speech on the theme of "Light ON/OFF". Through practical cases he shared his understanding and thinking about intelligent lighting control as a lighting designer.

Aug 23, 2022 Event Report

论坛报道 | DALI智能照明国际标准技术交流会顺利召开

DALI intelligent lighting international standard technical exchange meeting was successfully held in Zhongshan on August 22, 2022.

Aug 22, 2022 Event Report

盛会聚焦 | 第三届DALI联盟中国区高峰论坛圆满收官,新浪直播突破16.3万!

The 3rd DALI Alliance China Summit Forum was successfully concluded, and Sina Live broadcast exceeded 163,000.

Aug 22, 2022 Event Report

走进设计院 | DALI联盟技术研讨会(西安站)圆满结束

DALI-CFG visit to China Architecture Northwest Design and Research Institute on August 18, 2022.

Aug 22, 2022

会员动态 | 晟瑞科技SUNRICHER荣获国家级专精特新“小巨人”企业

Member Dynamics | Shengrui Technology SUNRICHER was awarded the national specialized new "Little Giant" enterprise.

Aug 12, 2022

重磅预告 | 8月19日,晟瑞科技Sunricher邀您参加第三届DALI峰会 · 西安!(附直播链接)

On August 19th, Sunricher invites you to attend the 3rd DALI Summit · Xi'an!

Aug 11, 2022

重磅预告 | 8月19日,欧华Helvar邀您参加第三届DALI峰会 · 西安!(附直播链接)

On August 19, Helvar invites you to the 3rd DALI Summit · Xi'an! (With live streaming link)

Aug 10, 2022

DALI 动态 | 欢迎下载使用《DALI技术手册》!(文末附下载链接)

Welcome to download and use the DALI Technical Manual!

Aug 7, 2022 Event Report

论坛报道 | 万物互联时代,DALI如何引领智能照明应用?

>> Forum coverage | In the era of the Internet of Everything, how does DALI lead the application of intelligent lighting?

Aug 6, 2022 Event Report

>> 展会直击 | 查漏补缺!2022年广州国际照明展会即将收官,DALI-CFG成员展位速览!

>> Fill in the gaps! The 2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is coming to an end, DALI-CFG member booth quick glance!

Information about DALI-CFG members exhibiting on their own booths (Signify, Sunricher, Boke, Lifud, Inventronics, Ltech)

Aug 3, 2022 Event Report

>> 展会盛况 | DALI联盟携8家会员单位联合参展,首日盛况报道!

>> DALI Alliance and 8 member units jointly participated in the exhibition, the first day of the grand report!

July 26, 2022

预告 | 中文版《DALI技术手册》即将发布,50份实体手册限量发放,等您来领!

Teaser | Chinese edition of the DALI Technical Manual will be released soon, and 50 copies of the physical manual will be distributed in a limited edition, waiting for you to pick it up!

July 22, 2022

论坛预告 | 8月19日,第三届DALI联盟中国区高峰论坛再次重启!

Forum Preview | On August 19th, the 3rd DALI Alliance China Summit Forum was restarted again!

July 20, 2022

展会预告 | 8月3日-6日,DALI联盟即将亮相2022年广州国际照明展会

Show Preview | From August 3rd to 6th, DALI Alliance will be unveiled at the 2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

July 7, 2022 Event Report

报告分享 | 2022 SILA智光云学堂DALI专场:智能照明无限创新和应用(附直播回放)

Report sharing | 2022 SILA Smart Light Cloud Academy DALI Session: Unlimited Innovation and Application of Smart Lighting (with Live Replay)

July 5, 2022

紧急公告 | 第三届DALI联盟中国区高峰论坛因故延期,重启时间待定

Emergency Announcement | The 3rd DALI Alliance China Summit Forum has been postponed for some reason, and the restart time is to be determined

July 4, 2022

重磅预告 | 台达Delta邀您一起参加第三届DALI峰会 · 西安(附直播链接)

Blockbuster Trailer | Delta invites you to join you in the 3rd DALI Summit · Xi'an (with live link)

July 1, 2022

亮点提前看 → | Signify、zencontrol、Euchips品牌展示剧透,第三届DALI联盟峰会精彩不迭

Highlights Look ahead → | Signify, zencontrol, Euchips brands show spoilers, and the third DALI Alliance Summit is exciting

June 27, 2022

DALI 动态 | 伊戈尔Eaglerise正式加入DALI联盟全权会员

DALI dynamic | Eaglerise officially joins the DALI Alliance Regular membership

June 15, 2022

会员动态 | 雷特DALI电源获2022年阿拉丁神灯奖-最佳技术奖!

Member Dynamics | LTECH DALI Power Supply won the 2022 Aladdin Lamp Award - Best Technology Award!

June 15, 2022

会员案例 | 英飞特DALI电源助力点亮沙特阿卜杜拉国王广场旗杆

Member Case Study | Inventronics DALI power supply helps light up the flagpole of King Abdullah Square, Saudi Arabia

June 11, 2022

会员指南 | DALI联盟会员注册攻略来啦~速戳!

Member Guide | DALI Alliance member registration guide is coming

June 10, 2022

论坛预告 | 西安,这次我们真的来了!第三届 DALI 联盟中国区高峰论坛进入倒计时!

Forum Preview | Xi'an, this time we really came! The 3rd DALI Alliance China Summit Forum is counting down!

June 7, 2022

盘点 | 2022第十届阿拉丁神灯奖结果揭晓,获奖DALI产品速览!

The results of the 10th Aladdin Lamp Awards 2022 are announced, and the award-winning DALI products are at a glance!

May 24, 2022 DALI Alliance News

DALI Blog | 照明控制系统从标准和认证中受益

DALI Blog | Lighting control systems benefit from standards and certifications

May 24, 2022 DALI Alliance News

DALI-2 认证支持互操作性和可持续照明

DALI-2 certification supports interoperability and sustainable lighting

April 29, 2022 DALI Alliance News

ANSI C137.4-2021 数字照明控制标准支持D4i功能的传感器和网络照明控制器(NLC)

ANSI C137.4-2021 Digital Lighting Control Standard Supports D4i-Enabled Sensors and Network Lighting Controllers (NLC)

April 29, 2022 DALI Alliance News

DALI Blog | 应急照明和 DALI-2:不要迷失在黑暗中

DALI Blog | Emergency Lighting and DALI-2: Don't get lost in the dark

April 29, 2022 Case Study

DALI 会员案例 | DALI 照亮每一次出行,上海地铁15号线智能照明应用

DALI illuminates every trip, a smart lighting application for Shanghai Metro line 15

April 18, 2022

DALI 动态 | 莱福德加入DALI联盟全权会员

Lifud became a Regular member of the DALI Alliance

April 7, 2022

延期公告 | 第三届DALI联盟中国区高峰论坛延期举办

3rd DALI Alliance China Summit Forum was postponed

April 6, 2022

报告分享 | D4i – 电能数据与智能照明连接

D4i – Electrical energy data is connected to smart lighting (translated from DALI Alliance news)

April 6, 2022 Case Study

DALI 会员案例 | 超5万台用量!全球超大DALI驱动项目应用里程碑——重庆中央公园大道上峯+智能项目

Over 50,000 units! Global super-large DALI driver project application milestone - Chongqing Central Park Avenue Shangfeng

March 31, 2022

引领未来 | 全球DALI精选案例,演绎智慧光之美(三)

Leading the future | Global DALI selected cases, interpreting the beauty of intelligent light (3)

  • Case studies from BOKE, Euchips, MOSO and NVC Lighting

March 22, 2022

引领未来 | 全球DALI精选案例,演绎智慧光之美(二)

Leading the future | Global DALI selected cases, interpreting the beauty of intelligent light (2)

  • Case studies from Sunricher, LTECH, Helvar, zencontrol and Signify

March 18, 2022

专访 | Paul Drosihn:跨越里程碑,DALI-2引领智能照明互联互通新时代

Interview | Paul Drosihn: Crossing the milestone, DALI-2 leads the new era of intelligent lighting interconnection

March 14, 2022

引领未来 | 全球DALI精选案例,演绎智慧光之美(一)

Leading the future | Global DALI selected cases, interpreting the beauty of intelligent light (1)

  • Case studies from DASUN, Loytec, OSRAM and TRIDONIC

March 11, 2022

首个用于独立应急照明的LED驱动器获得 DALI-2 认证

The first LED driver for stand-alone emergency lighting is DALI-2 certified

March 10, 2022


4.21 Gathering in Xi'an, the 3rd DALI Alliance China Summit Forum invites you to come!

March 9, 2022


LTECH Technology became a full member of DALI Alliance

February 28, 2022

DALI 动态 | 英飞特电子成为DALI联盟全权会员

Inventronics became a Regular member of the DALI Alliance

February 22, 2022

论坛预告 | 第三届 DALI 联盟中国区高峰论坛 4月21日即将登陆西安

Forum Preview | The 3rd DALI Alliance China Summit forum will land in Xi'an on April 21

January 24, 2022

DALI Award | 2021年DALI照明奖获奖名单正式揭晓,3个中国项目获奖!

The winners of the 2021 DALI Lighting Awards were officially announced, and 3 Chinese projects won!

January 10, 2022

DALI-CFG 动态 | 晟瑞科技正式成为DALI联盟第30家全权会员!

Sunricher Technology officially became the 30th Regular member of the DALI Alliance!

December 9, 2021


DALI Blog | The role of the DALI Alliance in IP-BLiS

November 1, 2022

DALI 动态 | DALI-2认证计划增加色彩控制选项

DALI-2 certification program adds colour control options

September 19, 2021

论坛回顾 | 2021年中国照明产业发展大会隆重召开,DALI联盟受邀出席

Forum Review | The 2021 China Lighting Industry Development Conference was grandly held, and DALI Alliance was invited to attend (CALI event, September 2021)

August 6, 2021

论坛回顾 | 迈向IoT时代,DALI将如何应对?

Forum Review | As we move towards the IoT era, how will DALI respond? (Report from GILE tradefair, August 2021)

July 20, 2021


Boke became the 9th member of DALI-CFG