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DALI Alliance China Focus Group


Focus on China's smart lighting


The China Focus Group is open to all Regular members of the DALI Alliance. Please contact us for more information.


Fourth DALI China Summit

Shenzhen, March 23, 2023
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Weixin ID: DALI_Alliance

DALI联盟(DALI Alliance)是一个开放、非盈利的DALI智能照明全球性行业组织,由300余家领先照明企业组成。该公众号由DALI联盟唯一授权的大中华区组织——DALI联盟中国焦点组(DALI-CFG)运营。

DALI Alliance (DALI Alliance) is an open, non-profit DALI intelligent lighting global industry organization, composed of more than 300 leading lighting companies. The official account is operated by the DALI Alliance China Focus Group (DALI-CFG), the only organization authorized by the DALI Alliance in Greater China.

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DALI技术手册 (DALI Technical Manual)