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Source Date Title
Position paper - Standby Power Jan 2024 The impact of reduced standby power limits for connected separate control gears availability on EU market
Smart Buildings Magazine Oct 2023 How DALI is creating smarter buildings
Facilities Management Journal Sept 2023

Lighting the future (online) and Magazine

Electrical Engineering Sept 2023 The role of lighting in sustainability
LEDs Magazine Sept 2023

DALI supports standardized wireless lighting control architectures

PAUL DROSIHN summarizes several approaches to implement interoperable controls systems that fully leverage the connectivity, bidirectionality, and lighting-specific data capabilities enabled by the DALI protocol.

Electrical Contracting News (ECN) Sept 2023 DALI Paving the Way for the Future
A1 Lighting Jul/Aug 2023 Eyes On the DALI Alliance
LED Professional Jul/Aug 2023 Sustainability in Lighting Control Systems
Electrical Line May/June 2023 Sustainable, Smart and Standardized: How DALI Enables Efficient, Future-Proof Lighting Control Systems
Lighting Controls Association June 2023 Sustainable, Smart and Standardized: How DALI Enables Efficient, Future-Proof Lighting Control Systems
LEDs Magazine June 2023

PROJECTS | Rousing a sleeping giant: Lighting the Battersea Power Station

A comprehensive review of the Battersea Power Station renovation, one of the winners of the 2022 DALI Lighting Awards

Architectural SSL May 2023

Smart lighting control with DALI and D4i

Learn how this communication protocol and platform can lead to advanced and time-saving lighting capabilities.

A1 Lighting May 2023

DALI's role in sustainability

The May issue of A1 Lighting magazine features a Tech Update article from the DALI Alliance’s Paul Drosihn, which discusses the role of DALI in sustainable lighting.

Voltimum May 2023

Spotlight on DALI

With the market for smart lighting and connected controls projected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future, Mike Collins, Director of Operations at Ovia – part of the Scolmore Group of companies – answers some questions on the DALI protocol, described as the largest wired digital open protocol in the world for lighting.

Bluetooth SIG Apr 2023

How Bluetooth Mesh and DALI Form a Digital Highway for Lighting Control and Data Collection

Bluetooth® technology and DALI® already have a long history of working together. But as these solutions successfully address a broader market, it may be good to explain the foundations of both standards and how they are designed to complement each other.

First Design Mar 2023

Interview with Paul Drosihn: DALI China Summit preview

DALI continues to cultivate the Chinese market and concentrates on the new era of wireless internet

Dec 2022

The $12 million L-Prize and how D4i can help you win

With an Intent to Submit deadline of January 13, 2023, the Prototype Phase of the L-Prize has a strong focus on the use of standards-based connectivity, and promotes the use of D4i and Zhaga Book 20.

Nov 2022

D4i offers a simplified, standardized approach to LLLC, with a rich set of data

The Lighting Controls Association (LCA) recently conducted an interview with Paul Drosihn, General Manager of the DALI Alliance, to discuss D4i and related topics.

Lighting Controls Association Nov 2022

D4i: Standardizing luminaire-level control

This article by the Lighting Controls Association explains how D4i supports DALI’s role as an open global standard for lighting control and supports its integration into luminaire-level lighting control and IoT solutions.

Thread Group Oct 2022

DALI+ over Thread brings unparalleled flexibility to lighting in smart buildings

Thread's blog article discusses DALI+ with Thread, which combines the benefits of DALI lighting control with wireless and IP-based networking.

LEDs Magazine

Sept 2022

Standards harmonization drives interoperability for lighting control

Certification programs based on international standards build confidence in the interoperability of lighting-control devices, and the benefits are magnified when related standardization efforts are harmonized.

This article by Paul Drosihn, General Manager of the DALI Alliance, discusses DALI standardization and the certification programs developed by the DALI Alliance, including DALI-2 and D4i, and then describes the harmonization between D4i and the new ANSI C137.4-2021 standard.

LED Professional

Jul/Aug 2022

DALI-2 and D4i certification support interoperability and sustainable lighting

This DALI Alliance article describes the DALI certification programs and the benefits of certification, and then explains how the DALI Alliance works to keep DALI-2 up to date through the addition of new features such as colour control and DALI-2 emergency. The article concludes with a discussion of wireless and IP-based options for DALI and looks ahead to DALI+ certification.

Electronics Weekly

July 2022

DALI-2 raises the bar for emergency lighting

The article explains how the DALI Alliance has extended its DALI-2 certification program to include control gear for self-contained emergency lighting (where the battery is inside, or next to, the luminaire). DALI-2 certification enables manufacturers to ensure their products will be interoperable with those from other suppliers. This means that lighting designers and specifiers are not locked into one vendor, and can choose the best certified product from any provider.

May 2022

Lighting controls benefit from standards and certification

With global standards, lighting projects can be future-proofed, with no vendor lock-in, and customers benefit from long-term confidence in the supply chain.

April 2022

Emergency lighting and DALI-2: Don’t get left in the dark

DALI emergency lighting is well-established globally as a reliable and robust solution that meets the safety-critical requirements of this sector. Our Blog discusses the additional benefits of DALI-2 certification for DALI emergency control gear.

Modern Building Services April 2022 How DALI-based systems are assisting buildings to achieve smart optimum lighting control
New Electronics April 2022 In your eyes - How the power of lighting, supported by new technologies, is able to set the tone of an environment transforming commercial and public spaces.
March 2022

DALI China Summit preview: Interview with DALI Alliance General Manager

The 3rd DALI Alliance China Summit, which takes place in Xi'an, is jointly organized by the First Design all-media platform and the DALI Alliance. This year's theme is "DALI-2: A New Era of Smart Lighting Connectivity." Before the opening of the forum, First Design invited Paul Drosihn, General Manager of the DALI Alliance, to discuss recent developments and future opportunities.

March 2022

LED Professional covers DALI Lighting Awards

The latest issue of LED Professional Review (LpR Issue 90, March/April 2022) describes all the successful projects from the DALI Lighting Awards 2021.

Feb 2022

Arc magazine article praises winners of DALI Lighting Awards

Winning projects from the DALI Lighting Awards 2021 are featured in issue 126 of arc magazine from [d]arc media.

Electronics World Feb 2022

Wireless lighting control standardised by DALI+

Wireless lighting control is an area that would benefit from further standardisation. Until recently, there has been lack of industry-standard protocols dedicated to wireless lighting control. This article explains the new DALI+ specification, which enables existing DALI commands to be carried over wireless and IP-based networks instead of the dedicated pair of wires that are typically used to connect DALI devices.

Nov 2021

The role of the DALI Alliance in IP-BLiS

The DALI Alliance is an active participant in IP-BLiS, the "IP Building & Lighting Standards" market interest group, along with fellow members BACnet International, CSA, KNX Association, OCF and Thread Group. This article explains why the DALI Alliance is involved.

Filière 3e Oct 2021

Cahier technique – Mesurer les consommations d’éclairage

(Technical notebook – Measuring lighting consumption)

Oct 2021

Smart, energy-efficient lighting control helps workplaces shine

Lighting-control systems based on the DALI protocol are illuminating workplaces around the world, as several projects shortlisted for the 2020 DALI Lighting Awards demonstrate.

Sept 2021

Questions and answers from the DALI Connectivity webinar

Our DALI Connectivity webinar raised some questions. How many nodes/devices can be in a DALI+ subnet? What is the difference between gateways, bridges and interfaces? Find the answers to these questions and more.

Aug 2021

DALI lighting networks go wireless

So far, DALI has been all about wired networks – but now, the technology is standardizing support for wireless connectivity, as well as for Internet Protocol (IP) based networks. In this article, we explain more about DALI, and how these new wireless and IP-based options will work.

Aug 2021

Standardization in Smart City lighting: Zhaga-D4i enables smart, connected, future-proof LED luminaires

Standardization plays a key role in the Smart City environment, and Zhaga-D4i standardization offers plug-and-play interoperability of certified luminaires, sensors and communication nodes.

Jul/Aug 2021 issue 86

Latest DALI enhancements mark the start of a new controls era - Interview with PAUL DROSIHN, General Manager, DALI Alliance

DALI IP-based and wireless lighting communication (DALI+) opens up new networking and application possibilities for the lighting sector in buildings and cities. LED professional was pleased to discuss a few deciding issues with Mr. Drosihn.

July 2021

INTERVIEW: Zhaga Book 20 and D4i foster smart connections for L-Prize concepts

CARRIE MEADOWS learns from ADRIAN GREEN how Zhaga Book 20 and D4i certification can expand L-Prize innovation, as the market transformation program relaunches with a focus on connectivity and smart interfaces for luminaires and controls.

A1 Lighting June 2021

Eyes On...DALI Alliance

A1 Lighting speaks to Paul Drosihn, General Manager of the DALI Alliance, about the organisation and this sector of the industry.

May/June 2021 issue 85

DALI+ and Wireless to DALI Gateways Increase Connectivity Options for DALI Lighting Networks

The article provides further information on the recent launch of DALI+ for DALI over wireless and IP-based networking, as well as the new specifications for standardized Wireless to DALI Gateways, which enable DALI devices to participate in Bluetooth® mesh and Zigbee® ecosystems.

Together, these open the door to greater choice and freedom for lighting specifiers. In addition, as the article explains, both DALI-2 and D4i already contribute significantly to successful smart IoT-based lighting projects.

LinkedIn April 2021

The art of refurb with wireless by Stewart Langdown, zencontrol

This is a quick overview of some of the potential opportunities that wireless controls can add to our existing and new building stock. It discusses IEC 62386 Part 104 DALI over wireless and how this will revolutionise the industry and remove dependence on individual manufacturers and their protocols.

Bluetooth SIG April 2021 Bluetooth SIG and the DALI Alliance Remove a Big Barrier for Realizing IoT Lighting Potential

April 2021

DALI Alliance defines gateway specs to Bluetooth and Zigbee wireless networks

Designers and specifiers will be able to combine devices with multiple connectivity implementations in a seamless manner with the wireless network to DALI Gateway specifications.

March 2021

Wireless solutions for DALI: Extending the reach of DALI in an IoT world

The imminent release of specifications for standardized wireless-to-DALI gateways and for DALI-over-wireless devices will pave the way for increased choice, convenience and flexibility. This is especially welcome news for those delivering IoT-based lighting control solutions.

DALI Alliance, Zhaga & DEKRA

March 2021

Questions and answers from the Zhaga-D4i certification webinar

Our webinar entitled "How to get Zhaga-D4i certification for luminaires, sensors and communication nodes" was presented on Feruary 18th. We have now provided written answers to all the questions asked by webinar attendees.

February 2021

(arc issue 120)

Creative Control

The inaugural DALI Lighting Awards, organised by the DALI Alliance and held in association with arc and the IALD, has revealed its winners.

>> Download article (PDF)

November 2020 How to win a DALI Lighting Award
DALI Alliance & Synapse Wireless October 2020

D4i questions answered

A recent Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) webinar entitled “See Your Lighting System in a New Light with D4i” provided a detailed update on D4i applications, technology and supporting specifications. The presenters - Michael Davidson and Joe Hallman of Synapse Wireless - worked with the DALI Alliance to provide answers to all questions asked during the event.

August 2020 Emergency lighting controlled by DALI that’s dependable and robust
July 2020 Tunable white: How DALI is making it easier to create lighting that feels natural
June 2020 The ‘new normal’ for offices – and what it means for lighting control

Power Systems Design

June 2020

DALI-2 and D4i certifications add features and benefits (PDF file)

>> View article on PSD website

Bluetooth SIG

May 2020

Bluetooth + DALI – Accelerating the Future of IoT-Enabled Commercial Lighting

Illumination is not the only thing you can get from an intelligent luminaire. The data that flows through intelligent connected lighting networks can unlock opportunities and efficiencies in real time while also providing diagnostics, performance monitoring, and predictive maintenance that helps long-term network operations.

April 2020

DALI set to unwire with Thread

"Possibly a Bluetooth version will be in play as well. Zigbee/DALI interoperability also on its way. Meanwhile, what’s the future of IoT lighting in a world turning to home working?"

Feb 2020

Acuity eldoLED adds DALI-2 DT8 Tc tunable SSL drivers

The Device Type 8 (DT8) Tc designation means that a single DALI input and address will still enable complete control of multi-channel LED drivers for white-point-tunable applications.

DALI China Summit 2019

November 2019

独家专访 | Scott Wade: 解码 DALI-2 定义智能照明控制新形态
Exclusive Interview | Scott Wade: Decoding DALI-2 defines a new form of intelligent lighting control

To coincide with the DiiA China Summit 2019 (November 1 in Shanghai), media company First Design conducted an interview with DiiA's Scott Wade.

June 2019

View magazine issue

Intra-luminaire interfaces pave a path to a smart LED luminaire future

Standardization of an interface used to connect subsystems internal to a luminaire will allow SSL manufacturers an affordable path to delivering smart lighting, writes MAURY WRIGHT.

May/June 2019

Zhaga-D4i Certification Signals Plug-and-Play Interoperability

The new Zhaga-D4i certification program and logo indicates plug-and-play interoperability of luminaires, sensors and communication nodes, and represents an important collaboration between two major, innovative lighting-industry organizations, Zhaga and DiiA.

May 2019

View magazine issue

DiiA announces D4i extension to DALI for intra-luminaire smart SSL interface

Smart and connected luminaire architectures will benefit from a standardized version of DALI deployed internally between LED drivers and connectivity/sensor modules, and such a modular architecture offers flexibility in network options.
Author: Maury Wright

March/April 2019

DiiA’s Scott Wade interviewed in LED Professional magazine

The latest issue of LED Professional Review contains a detailed interview with DiiA's Scott Wade. Scott was invited to make a presentation at LpS 2018 about the founding of DiiA, and discussed measures that were taken to further develop the standard and its certification process and make the DALI concept future-proof with DALI-2.

LED Professional Symposium 2018

Sept 2018

DALI-2: Standardized, interoperable components and smart luminaires

By Scott Wade and Tim Whitaker, DiiA - Presented at LED Professional Symposium 2018

DALI-2 extends and enhances the strengths of DALI as a dedicated, standardized protocol for digital lighting control. For many years, the lighting community has installed DALI systems that are robust, scalable, cost-effective, reliable and flexible. But now, for the first time, DALI-2 has brought standardization to products such as sensors and other input devices, as well as application controllers, which are the “brains” of a DALI system. Furthermore, with its rigorous testing and verification procedures, the DALI-2 certification program from DiiA brings the promise of significantly-improved interoperability of products from different vendors.

BUILDINGS magazine

Aug 2018

New Applications for DALI Lighting Controls

By Robert Hick of RH Controls Consulting LLC

Sept 2017

DALI-2 boosts lighting control systems with certification, control devices, and improved interoperability

by Tim Whitaker and Scott Wade, DiiA

DALI-2 brings new functionality to DALI lighting control systems by standardizing devices such as application controllers and inputs. As Tim Whitaker and Scott Wade explain, DALI-2 certification will also lead to improved interoperability.