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Source Date Title
August 2020 Emergency lighting controlled by DALI that’s dependable and robust
July 2020 Tunable white: How DALI is making it easier to create lighting that feels natural
June 2020 The ‘new normal’ for offices – and what it means for lighting control

Power Systems Design

June 2020

DALI-2 and D4i certifications add features and benefits (PDF file)

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Bluetooth SIG

May 2020

Bluetooth + DALI – Accelerating the Future of IoT-Enabled Commercial Lighting

Illumination is not the only thing you can get from an intelligent luminaire. The data that flows through intelligent connected lighting networks can unlock opportunities and efficiencies in real time while also providing diagnostics, performance monitoring, and predictive maintenance that helps long-term network operations.

May 2020

Explainer: DALI-2 certification for tunable white lighting

Tunable white lighting is one of the biggest trends in commercial lighting at the moment. This article explains the basics, and where DALI-2 fits into the picture. 

April 2020

DALI set to unwire with Thread

"Possibly a Bluetooth version will be in play as well. Zigbee/DALI interoperability also on its way. Meanwhile, what’s the future of IoT lighting in a world turning to home working?"

April 2020

Signify throws its weight behind D4i interface

"Signify says it has upgraded in premium drivers to D4i, allowing customers to easily exchange different IoT nodes or sensors on luminaires."

Feb 2020

Acuity eldoLED adds DALI-2 DT8 Tc tunable SSL drivers

The Device Type 8 (DT8) Tc designation means that a single DALI input and address will still enable complete control of multi-channel LED drivers for white-point-tunable applications.

DALI China Summit 2019

November 2019

独家专访 | Scott Wade: 解码 DALI-2 定义智能照明控制新形态
Exclusive Interview | Scott Wade: Decoding DALI-2 defines a new form of intelligent lighting control

To coincide with the DiiA China Summit 2019 (November 1 in Shanghai), media company First Design conducted an interview with DiiA's Scott Wade.

June 2019

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Intra-luminaire interfaces pave a path to a smart LED luminaire future

Standardization of an interface used to connect subsystems internal to a luminaire will allow SSL manufacturers an affordable path to delivering smart lighting, writes MAURY WRIGHT.

May/June 2019

Zhaga-D4i Certification Signals Plug-and-Play Interoperability

The new Zhaga-D4i certification program and logo indicates plug-and-play interoperability of luminaires, sensors and communication nodes, and represents an important collaboration between two major, innovative lighting-industry organizations, Zhaga and DiiA.

May 2019

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DiiA announces D4i extension to DALI for intra-luminaire smart SSL interface

Smart and connected luminaire architectures will benefit from a standardized version of DALI deployed internally between LED drivers and connectivity/sensor modules, and such a modular architecture offers flexibility in network options.
Author: Maury Wright

March/April 2019

DiiA’s Scott Wade interviewed in LED Professional magazine

The latest issue of LED Professional Review contains a detailed interview with DiiA's Scott Wade. Scott was invited to make a presentation at LpS 2018 about the founding of DiiA, and discussed measures that were taken to further develop the standard and its certification process and make the DALI concept future-proof with DALI-2.

Nov/Dec 2018

What is intra-luminaire DALI?

What is DALI-2?

When will I be able to buy certified DALI-2 sensors?

LED Professional Symposium 2018

Sept 2018

DALI-2: Standardized, interoperable components and smart luminaires

By Scott Wade and Tim Whitaker, DiiA - Presented at LED Professional Symposium 2018

DALI-2 extends and enhances the strengths of DALI as a dedicated, standardized protocol for digital lighting control. For many years, the lighting community has installed DALI systems that are robust, scalable, cost-effective, reliable and flexible. But now, for the first time, DALI-2 has brought standardization to products such as sensors and other input devices, as well as application controllers, which are the “brains” of a DALI system. Furthermore, with its rigorous testing and verification procedures, the DALI-2 certification program from DiiA brings the promise of significantly-improved interoperability of products from different vendors.

BUILDINGS magazine

Aug 2018

New Applications for DALI Lighting Controls

By Robert Hick of RH Controls Consulting LLC

Sept 2017

DALI-2 boosts lighting control systems with certification, control devices, and improved interoperability

by Tim Whitaker and Scott Wade, DiiA

DALI-2 brings new functionality to DALI lighting control systems by standardizing devices such as application controllers and inputs. As Tim Whitaker and Scott Wade explain, DALI-2 certification will also lead to improved interoperability.