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DALI for luminaire makers

Register as a Community member

DiiA’s program for luminaire makers is designed to help companies to benefit from using certified DALI-2 or registered DALI version-1 components, and to encourage the use of the DALI logos on luminaires.

All luminaire manufacturers are invited to register with DiiA as Community members, free of charge. This allows use of the DALI Trademarks to indicate that your luminaires contain DALI components.

Backed by the DALI-2 certification program, the DALI-2 logo conveys the message of interoperability. On a luminaire, the DALI-2 logo tells system integrators, specifiers and end customers that there is no need to worry about DALI-2 compatibility – this has already been taken care of.

Benefits for customers: What does the DALI-2 logo signify?

► The DALI-2 logo on a luminaire gives the clear message that the luminaire maker has already taken care of DALI-2 compliance.

► The luminaire is designed to be interoperable with DALI-2 lighting systems, and backwards-compatible with older DALI systems.

► All components inside the luminaire are DALI-2-certified, which brings the promise of significantly improved interoperability.

► DALI-2 certified components are listed in the DiiA Product Database. It is now compulsory to list all DALI version-1 products as well.

Benefits for luminaire makers: Why register as a Community member?

► No fee to use the DiiA Trademarks (including DALI logos) according to DiiA’s rules.

► No fee to register as a Community member.

► All registered luminaire makers are listed on the DiiA website >> Link

► DALI-2 luminaires are listed on the DiiA website >> Link

► In most cases, DALI-2 certification is carried out at the component level; in such cases there is no certification fee for luminaire makers.

DALI-2 certification of luminaires

There is currently no requirement to certify luminaires that include DALI-2 certified products inside the luminaire. Provided you meet the requirements in the latest version of the DiiA document “Trademark Guidelines for Community members”, then you can use the DALI-2 trademark logo on your luminaire. This applies to registered Community members only.

See below for examples of when the DALI-2 logo can be used on luminaires.

How to become a Community member

Luminaire makers are invited to register with DiiA as Community members by signing the Community member registration agreement. There is no membership fee, and no licensing fee to allow the use of DiiA and DALI Trademarks according to DiiA’s rules.
>> How to Join


>> List of DALI-2 luminaires

>> Product database

>> List of registered luminaire makers

When can the DALI version-1 logo be used?

The DALI trademark logo can be used on a luminaire that contains at least one DALI product that meets the requirements for DALI version 1 product registration.

When can the DALI-2 logo be used?

The DALI-2 logo indicates that all components in the luminaire are DALI-2 certified. This means that all components that have an IEC 62386 control interface and can be separately tested are DALI-2 certified, and are listed on the DiiA website. The table below gives examples of luminaire types and DALI-2 logo usage.

Luminaire type DALI-2 logo usage
(Community membership registration is required)
A luminaire where the only DALI component is an internal LED driver (control gear) that can be separately tested. If the driver is DALI-2 certified, then the luminaire can carry the DALI-2 logo. If the driver is replaced with a non-certified driver then the DALI-2 logo must be removed from the luminaire.
A luminaire where the only DALI component is an integrated driver that cannot be removed for DALI-2 testing. The whole luminaire must be tested for DALI-2 compliance. The luminaire maker must join DiiA as a Regular or Associate member.
A luminaire with an external driver. The DALI-2 logo can only be used if the luminaire is always sold with a DALI-2 driver.
A luminaire containing a DALI driver and a DALI sensor that can both be tested separately. Both components must be DALI-2 certified to allow the luminaire to carry the DALI-2 logo. This is currently possible only if the sensor is a single master.
A luminaire with an internal LED driver that can be separately tested, and an integrated sensor. Both the driver and the luminaire/sensor assembly have to be DALI-2-certified.