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Zhaga-D4i certification

Zhaga-D4i certification

Zhaga-D4i is a joint certification program from the DALI Alliance and the Zhaga Consortium. Certified Zhaga-D4i products can carry the dual logos of Zhaga and D4i, which together indicate plug-and-play interoperability of sensors, communication nodes and luminaires. The Zhaga-D4i ecosystem of lighting products enables smart, future-proof LED luminaires with IoT connectivity.

Smart City Expo, Barcelona

November 2023

Laurent Secretin from Schréder explains in this video how the Zhaga Book 18 with an ecosystem of interoperable components support cities in becoming smart and sustainable.

Product types that can be certified

Zhaga-D4i luminaire
► A luminaire with a powered Zhaga receptacle (socket) that can accommodate a Zhaga-D4i control device
► Uses certified D4i components including D4i LED drivers
Zhaga-D4i control device
► A certified D4i control device with a Zhaga connector (baseplate)
► e.g. light-level or occupancy sensors, communication nodes

Control device requirements

Control device types A-D are defined in DiiA Specification Part 351. All types are suitable for D4i certification. For Zhaga-D4i certification, the type depends on the Zhaga Book:

Zhaga Book Requirement
Zhaga-D4i certification according to Zhaga Book 18 Types A and B only
Zhaga-D4i certification according to Zhaga Book 20 Types C and D only

Zhaga-D4i ecosystem for outdoor lighting (Book 18)

Certification procedure

Control devices Luminaires

Step 1:

► Test product according to DALI specifications, including Part 351
► DALI Alliance verifies results, and confirms D4i certification
► Product is listed in the DALI Alliance product database


Step 2:

► Submit product to Zhaga test house
► Test house checks compliance with Book 18 (outdoor) or Book 20 (indoor), including mechanical interface
► Zhaga confirms Zhaga-D4i certification
► Product is listed in the Zhaga product database

Step 1:

► Submit product to Zhaga test house, including evidence that luminaire contains D4i components (LED drivers)
► Test house checks compliance with Book 18 or Book 20, including mechanical interface
► Zhaga confirms Zhaga-D4i certification
► Product is listed in the Zhaga product database



D4i certification
Zhaga-D4i products (Zhaga website)


Who runs the Zhaga-D4i certification program?
Zhaga-D4i is a joint certification program between Zhaga and the DALI Alliance (DiiA). D4i certification and D4i trademark usage is provided by the DALI Alliance. Separately, Zhaga ensures that products meet the requirements of Zhaga Book 18 or 20, which then also allows Zhaga trademark usage.

Which comes first: Zhaga certification or D4i certification?
For control devices, it is essential to obtain D4i certification from the DALI Alliance as the first step. Then, Zhaga will check the other requirements of Zhaga Book 18 or 20, including mechanical compatibility.

Can Zhaga members get D4i certification of control devices?
For control devices, D4i certification is available only to DALI Alliance members (regular or associate). This means that Zhaga members must also join the DALI Alliance so that they can achieve D4i certification as the essential first step towards Zhaga-D4i certification.

What about luminaires?
Zhaga-D4i certification of luminaires is available to Zhaga members, and there is no requirement for these companies to join the DALI Alliance (although DALI Alliance community membership is free of charge). Luminaire makers must be able to show that their luminaires contain D4i components such as LED drivers. Zhaga will check this during the Zhaga-D4i certification procedure. 

Can DALI Alliance members get Zhaga-D4i certification of control devices?
The Zhaga part of Zhaga-D4i certification is available only to Zhaga members (regular or associate). The DALI Alliance does not perform checks for mechanical compatibility. This means that a DALI Alliance member with a D4i-certified control device must also become a Zhaga member if they wish to achieve full Zhaga-D4i certification.

What if my control device does not have a Zhaga connector?
The DALI Alliance offers D4i certification for all control devices that implement DALI Part 351 (our specification for “Luminaire-mounted control devices”), including those with NEMA/ANSI and other connectors, as well as control devices without a connector.

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Webinar: How to get Zhaga-D4i certification for luminaires, sensors and communication nodes

February 2021 

Questions and Answers:

>> Full written Q&A from the webinar

Download the presentation materials:

>> Scott Wade, DALI Alliance

>> Dee Denteneer, Zhaga

>> Jacob Nuesink, Dekra

View the Webinar recording

>> Webinar recording (YouTube)

Learn how to achieve D4i and Zhaga-D4i certification for different product types, including

  • technical requirements
  • key testing and verification steps
  • membership requirements

Hear presentations from the following organizations, followed by a Q&A session: 

  • DALI Alliance 
  • Zhaga Consortium
  • Dekra

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