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DALI version-1 registration

updated: APRIL 2022

DALI version-1 registration has now ended

It is no longer possible to register DALI version-1 control gear on the DALI Alliance website.

All DALI version-1 registered products will remain visible in the Product Database.

DALI Trademark use continues to be allowed for all registered products, according to the DALI Alliance "Trademark Guidelines" document. 

DALI version-1 testing was only possible for control gear ONLY.

There are no DALI version-1 products in the following categories:

  • Bus power supplies
  • Control devices including application controllers and input devices (such as sensors) 

Successfully tested DALI version-1 control gear can carry the DALI version-1 logo (see Trademarks page).

  • Application controllers, input devices (such as sensors) and standalone bus power supplies are not permitted to carry the DALI version-1 logo UNLESS they are DALI-2 certified


Registration details

There was no fee for registration.

There was no requirement to submit test results for checking unless specifically requested by the DALI Alliance. However, basic checks were made of the product information (GTIN, product name, test sequence version and IEC parts).

DALI version-1 product registration was only possible for DALI Alliance members.

Ongoing use of the DALI version-1 logo and DALI wordmark is only possible for DALI Alliance members, and for products that are registered and listed on the DALI Alliance website.