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DALI Emergency

DALI Emergency

DALI emergency lighting is widely used as a robust and reliable solution that meets safety-critical requirements in buildings throughout the world. The DALI protocol enables integrated, digital control systems that combine illumination and emergency lighting.

DALI-2 Emergency certified products

DALI-2 certification is now open for control gear for self-contained emergency lighting. >> View press release (September 2021)

DALI-2 Emergency further extends interoperability of lighting-control devices and facilitates integration with building management systems, which can access DALI control and querying capabilities including automated testing and reporting.


Tests for DALI-2 Emergency certification are developed by the DALI Alliance, based on Part 202 of IEC 62386
Control gear in Part 202 are also known as device type 1 (DT1)


Emergency lighting, which provides light when the mains supply fails, is a critical feature that is mandated by various regulations. “Self-contained” means that the battery – which provides power during an emergency – is inside, or placed next to, the luminaire.

In many countries, there is a legal requirement for periodic testing of emergency lighting. DALI enables self-contained emergency tests to be automated, triggered by DALI commands or by an optional timer.

Emergency control gear must implement both a function test and a duration test. The function test is a quick test of the battery, charging circuit, driver/relay and lamp, while the duration test ensures that the battery will be able to operate the lamp for the full rated duration (for example 1 hour or 3 hours).


Emergency Test and Review (July 2021) by Stewart Langdown FSLL, Director Of Business Development at zencontrol Group

Emergency lighting controlled by DALI that’s dependable and robust (August 2020)

Presentation to ZVEI, March 2021

The DALI Alliance made a presentation on DALI Emergency to ZVEI, the German lighting organization, in March 2021.

>> Download the presentation


  • Introduction to DALI and DiiA
  • IEC 62386-202: Control gear for self-contained emergency lighting, edition 1
    • Details of the current standard
  • IEC 62386-202: Edition 2
    • Changes compared with edition 1
  • IEC 62386-220: Control gear for centrally-supplied emergency operation

Presented by Scott Wade, DiiA Technical & Certification Manager

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