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Awards 2022 - Industrial

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The winner in the Industrial category is Synapse Wireless for the Uline Store C6 in Ontario, California.

This is a large indoor warehouse measuring over 1 million square feet, which makes excellent use of D4i capabilities. The project features more than 4,000 luminaires with D4i drivers, connected by wireless networked lighting controllers.

DALI data enables the system to achieve energy rebates, meet strict energy codes and provide alerts when the lights are not operating as intended. Since the actual power usage is measured, the customer can deploy strategies to conserve energy.

Light sensors are used to enable daylight harvesting, making optimum use of the 76 skylights in the facility. DALI control enables smooth dimming that maximizes comfort for employees.

The project makes full use of DALI diagnostics data, monitoring issues with the drivers and LED arrays.

The D4i LED drivers provide power metering and asset data. The Synapse controller polls each light every 15 minutes to gather data on the energy consumed, and the system pulls data into the cloud for analytics and energy savings calculations.

DALI lighting is integrated with the building management system so that the lights and HVAC system can be controlled together.

The judges noted the scale of the project, with all lights required to respond to commands in less than one second, and also recognized that DALI is instrumental in meeting the strict energy codes in place.

In this category, we had our first entry from South America, which was Highly Commended by the judges.

Ingeneria Desimat was recognized for its installation of DALI-controlled outdoor lighting in a massive mining complex in the Atacama region of Chile.

DALI lights are connected wirelessly by 3G, and controlled by a cloud network, allowing remote management of nodes by a web server from anywhere in the world.

Using DALI lighting controls and luminaires from Philips, the project also made use of luminaire, energy and diagnostics data.

Judges noted that safety was a key motivation for the remotely-controlled lighting system, reducing the amount of time that workers have to spend in dangerous environments.