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Awards 2022 - Residential

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The Winner of the Residential category is Shenzhen Sunricher Technology for the Taiziwan High-end Building in Shenzhen.

This is another large residential building, with 33 floors, which uses DALI lighting control connected with the KNX building management system.

More than 10,000 DALI drivers are used to achieve accurate, stable and smooth dimming without flicker.

A key advantage of DALI was the ability to manually set the addresses in advance, thus saving the time required for on-site commissioning.

DALI supports the use of preset scenes to automatically control light according to the functions of different areas, different times of the day, and outdoor light intensity.

DALI’s inherent addressability enables individual control and grouping, and brings tremendous flexibility to lighting control.

Entries in the Residential category ranged from a single apartment to a multi-residence building that uses more than 50,000 DALI drivers.

zencontrol was Highly Commended for The Mercian, a residential building in Birmingham, UK, with over 480 homes and various shared public spaces.

DALI was used for lighting control in the public spaces, and was chosen as a flexible platform that can evolve as the use of these spaces changes according to the needs of occupants.

The zencontrol system manages more than 3,600 DALI devices over 42 floors including the emergency lighting. This provides the facilities management team with a tool to ensure compliance with automatic testing for battery-powered emergency lighting.

DALI-2 sensors provide granularity that allows the creation of heat maps, so that space utilisation can be mapped and shared to the customised dashboard.