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DALI Lighting Awards 2023

Architectural & Entertainment

WINNER Tridonic Roxy Cinemas
HIGHLY COMMENDED Signify Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park
JUDGES' SPECIAL MENTION Beckhoff Automation Sport Club Verl

The cinema complex in the Dubai Hills Mall uses around 900 DALI LED drivers for the cove lighting all throughout the 15 cinemas and the public areas, and around 1,300 DALI-2 LED drivers for the downlights, wall lights, and spotlights. The lighting is controlled with 10 units of sceneCOM evo DALI-2 lighting controllers and around 200 occupancy sensors.

Commissioning was straightforward, and the effort in creating zones & groups was reduced significantly since all DALI devices – once installed – are detected automatically by the in-built addressing wizard and can then be configured. Reduced installation costs were cited as a key advantage of the DALI system.

DALI also greatly reduced the maintenance costs since DALI Part 251 (luminaire data) can be used to identify luminaires that are approaching the end of their life or that are experiencing problems. This information can be used to schedule maintenance activities and, therefore, cause very minimal disruption to operations.

Use of DALI-2 enables the interoperability of devices from different manufacturers, which in turn ensures future-proof system designs and sustainable lighting.

Judges noted the extensive use of data, sensing and precise control that all contributed to the considerable energy savings and reduced operating costs.


EASi ME General Trading - AE, Dubai Holding Entertainment - AE, Deca Design - IT, Bluehaus Engineering - AE, ISG Middle East - AE, Tridonic Middle East - AE, North 25 (Dubai Holding Real Estate), AE

Highly Commended

The Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park in Zhuhai, China, is the world's largest indoor theme park and the largest marine science museum, with a total floor area of about 400,000 square meters.

The entire project incorporates over 10,000 sets of DALI lighting fixtures, controlled by 181 DALI controllers. Leveraging DALI digital dimming technology enables individual control, precise dimming, and color control of all fixtures.

DALI supports customization of scene effects for each DALI fixture through visual software control, transforming the on-site operational team's lighting ideas into reality.

Also, DALI is integrated into the Building Management System (BMS) for centralized fixture management, and monitors each fixture's operating time and health status.

The judges were impressed by the scale of the project, and by the use of DALI to provide a comfortable, healthy and efficient lighting environment for visitors as well as marine animals.


Signify, Shenzhen Guost Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenzhen PUDI Design

Judges’ Special Mention

The project involved the modernization of the existing floodlight system to include 200 energy-efficient LED floodlights with a DALI interface.

DALI allows for the pre-setting of various lighting scenarios, and a control room keypad facilitates the activation of bespoke special effects.

As well as meticulous positioning of the LED floodlights to ensure consistent illumination of the entire playing field, another challenge was synchronizing the lighting effects with sound reproduction. Here, flexible programming, efficient communication between substations via Ethernet, and the individualized control of each LED luminaire via DALI, were all very beneficial.

Planning and installation was simplified because DALI offers a robust system with readily-available standard products for LED floodlights, cabling and control. The availability of DALI broadcast and group commands makes it possible to implement the special effects without any additional specialist knowledge.

Judges noted that this project implemented stadium lighting with robust and industrial-grade DALI communication for fast-running, music-synchronized lighting effects that may otherwise have required DMX.


Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
Elektro Beckhoff GmbH
Siteco GmbH
BDP - Ingenieurbüro Dr. Petry & Partner mbB

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