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DALI Lighting Awards 2023


This small-scale project leverages DALI features including precise dimming, color control and scheduling to deliver optimal lighting for human eyes, enhanced safety and insect protection.

Along two canals, the lighting scheme employs two dimming profiles, one using red light and the other warm-white light. Lighting levels are dynamically adjusted based on scheduled dimming and real-time movements, ensuring energy efficiency and a responsive lighting experience.

Also, the scheme has an adaptive function designed to protect insects, optimizing their habitats. Simultaneously, it ensures lighting levels are conducive to human eyes and incorporates safety measures through dynamic adjustments based on detected movements.

DALI enables centralized management, monitoring, and customization of the lighting system, while also providing the flexibility needed for easy reconfiguration and adaptability.

The esave control devices have Zhaga connectors, ensuring easy installation, interoperability and future-proofing.

DALI D4i smart drivers provide a robust data suite for comprehensive health monitoring of the system.

Judges noted the innovative use of DALI, which is effective in achieving energy efficiency, ecological sustainability and community safety.