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DALI Lighting Awards 2023


[Photo credit: Andy Landgraf, Nic Lehoux, and Ward Village]

This 41-storey residential tower includes DALI lighting in the interior and exterior common areas. There are over 2,000 DALI devices across more than 400 zones of control, and daylight and occupancy sensors are used throughout.

The tower has lots of small spaces – such as bathrooms, locker rooms, bars and lobbies – that all have different lighting needs and can be addressed as separate zones by the DALI system. This provided as many zones as the designers required.

The project features widespread use of scenes that can be triggered automatically or by keypads. The lighting becomes warmer and more intimate as the sun fades. On the pool deck, the light levels remain safe without disturbing residents or using excess energy.

The use of DALI drastically reduced the number of wires that needed to be installed, and avoided the need for extra dimmers and other components.

Judges noted that DALI provided the flexibility to change the lighting configuration when the locations of various art pieces were changed towards the end of the project. This was achieved without the time and expense of electrical work or additional wiring.


Morlights: Casey Diers, CLCP Senior Lighting Designer; Avraham Mor, CLD, Lighting Designer; John Cahill, Lighting Designer
Crestron: Controls
Drivers are primarily EldoLED provided by the luminaire manufacturers