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DALI Lighting Awards 2023


WINNER Shanghai LONTRI Estée Lauder R&D Center
HIGHLY COMMENDED XAL GmbH Harness Racing Track

The Estée Lauder Global Innovation R&D Center covers a total area of 11,500 square meters and is designed according to LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum standards, with an intelligent lighting-control system throughout. After comprehensive evaluation, DALI was found to be the most cost-effective system that best meets the requirements of these standards.

The research laboratory lighting fixtures use D4i drivers, which not only adjust the light intensity automatically based on occupancy and daylight but also provide Estée Lauder with information on lamp lifespan, fault diagnosis and energy consumption.

Meanwhile, in the sensory laboratory and media centre, advanced DALI DT8 tunable white dynamic lighting improves the health experience of employees.

The lighting system is integrated with the curtain-control system, which dynamically adjusts the curtain opening and closing height based on daylight conditions. In combination with D4i dimming technology, this brings an additional 10% cost saving for lighting and air conditioning.

The unified and open DALI protocol standard enables the use of international lighting brands such as Philips, Belux, and Flos, providing Estée Lauder with more choices in lighting fixtures.

The judges commented on the lighting design including the RGBW system in the lobby area, and the way in which advanced DALI technology is used to provide employees with “a healthy and pleasant emotional energy.”


LONTRI:David Huo, Project Director; Marx Ma, Project Manager
Signify:Lim Li, System Architect
Belux. Flos, Studio-illumine

Highly Commended

The grandstand building at the Harness Racing Track has been converted into a modern, flexible office space with an advanced lighting scheme. This comprises a 170-meter track system with 276 individually addressable DALI luminaires, as well as 58 custom-made free-standing DALI-2 luminaires with wireless connectivity.

Each free-standing BETO luminaire is equipped with sensors that measure light intensity, noise level, air quality and temperature, as well as the presence of people.

The BETO units communicate with the building management system via WiFi, allowing them to exchange data and receive control commands.

Judges were impressed by the way in which sensors and intelligence are incorporated into stylish luminaires that are integrated with the higher-level control system and at the same time have flexible positioning.


XAL, Value One, Tridonic, Wago

Highly Commended

The 12-storey Met Building uses biophilic design principles, providing ample access to natural daylight and a lighting scheme that compliments occupants’ circadian rhythms.

The client required a DALI control and monitoring system that was scalable, user-friendly and flexible.

The DALI-2 system controls a total of 5,700 DALI addresses for lighting and emergency lighting, including tunable white luminaires, as well as a range of sensors.

Use of Tridonic’s DALI-2 controller greatly simplified the integration of any DALI-2 compliant products into the control system.

The DALI system enables extensive data collection and turns luminaires into smart devices that can communicate their health and maintenance needs, to better support facilities management and predictive maintenance.


Tridonic, Silent Design