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DALI Summit: Alan Jackson

Get WELL with DALI

Time: 14:30-15:00

In a knowledge-based economy, the wellbeing and motivation of the workforce and students is at the heart of good outcomes. The right lighting conditions can support a higher level of performance. Natural light has long been established to enhance concentration levels, alertness and mood. We need the right light for the right activities at the right time in the right places.

The WELL building standard provides a holistic approach to achieving wellness in spaces. Lighting design and control plays a crucial role in achieving this state in a space. However, in order to achieve optimal conditions, lighting control needs to be integrated with other building systems, for example, HVAC.The DALI protocol ensures a standardised and secure way to ensure proper lighting conditions are met. It also enables reliable transfer of, for example, system and occupancy data to other instances/sub-systems in a building (e.g. via cloud gateways or system buses like BacNet).

Having those additional space characteristics available, allows us to apply machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms to optimise, predict or even prescript lighting conditions in the context of other drivers for the indoor environment. This in return can increase the wellbeing and productivity of the workforce and students, which is of course, the ultimate objective.

Good examples of meeting this objective can be seen from the campus-wide DALI lighting control solutions at Warwick University and the University of Bath. With intelligent use of presence and absence detection, both universities can make smarter decisions to manage their floor areas. The DALI installation also enables self-learning capabilities to optimise sensor time-out arrays, which not only increases comfort, but also saves energy. With the gateway on site connected to the DALI installation- lighting can be monitored and changed 24/7 remotely hence reducing the CO2 emissions caused by site visits.

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Speaker: Alan Jackson

Chief Evangelist


Alan is a true DALI veteran. During his 25 years in the lighting-controls industry, he has been active with DALI from its early days onwards, being involved in such landmark projects as the WTC Abu Dhabi – the world's largest DALI installation – and many others. Nowadays he leverages his experience in developing the Helvar business.




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