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DALI Summit: Scott Wade

DALI-2: The global standard for smart, digital lighting control

Time: 08:30-09:00


  • Key DALI facts and benefits
  • Basic DALI device types
  • Control devices
  • Application controllers
  • System example – Out-of-box system operation
  • System example – Commissioned (programmed) system
  • Comparison with 0-10V (1-10V)
  • Common misconceptions
  • Major changes from DALI version-1 to DALI-2
  • Testing and DALI-2 certification
  • IEC 62386 Parts

DiiA, the global lighting-industry association for DALI lighting control, introduced DALI-2 certification with a focus on smart, interoperable components for robust, scalable and flexible lighting networks. DALI-2 extends and enhances the strengths of DALI as a dedicated, standardized protocol for digital lighting control. Backed by DiiA’s program for product certification, which involves rigorous testing and verification procedures, DALI-2 has a strong focus on multi-vendor interoperability.

This presentation will give an update on the DALI-2 certification program, describing how DiiA is adding more product features and functions. DALI-2 certification now extends to all devices in a lighting-control system, bringing standardization to products such as sensors and other input devices, as well as application controllers, which are the “brains” of a DALI system.

After the covering the basics of the DALI protocol and different device types, the presentation will describe some system examples, including out-of-box operation and commissioned (programmed) systems. Common misconceptions are addressed, including a comparison with 0-10 V and other protocols.

Testing and certification issues are covered in detail, explaining how DiiA members are able to achieve DALI-2 certification of their compliant products.

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Speaker: Scott Wade

Technical & Certification Manager


Scott Wade has been Technical & Certification Manager for DiiA, and previously the DALI working group, since August 2013. He developed and implemented the DALI-2 certification program on behalf of DiiA. For around 14 years, he has been an industry expert member of the IEC 62386 standardisation team.

Prior to DiiA/DALI, Dr. Wade was NPI Director for Electronics and Systems at Honeywell ED&S, and prior to that was at Helvar, most recently as R&D Manager for Lighting Controls. Dr. Wade holds a Ph.D. in Power Electronics, and an M.Eng. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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