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DALI Summit: Scott Wade

New DiiA specifications and collaborations

Time: 09:30-10:00


  • New DiiA specifications
  • Intra-luminaire DALI and applications
  • Integrated bus power supplies and AUX power supplies
  • DiiA part 251 – Memory bank 1 extension
  • DiiA part 252 – Energy Reporting
  • DiiA part 253 – Diagnostics and Maintenance
  • DiiA part 351 – Luminaire-mounted control devices
  • New D4i trademarks
  • Co-operation with Zhaga
  • Scope of Zhaga–D4i certification
  • Cooperation with ANSI

This presentation will discuss the D4i specifications for intra-luminaire DALI, as well as the associated D4i logo and certification program. The benefits of D4i for outdoor lighting applications include data reporting for asset management and automated commissioning, energy-usage reporting for time-of-use billing, and the availability of diagnostic data leading to maintenance savings.

Also, DiiA and Zhaga are currently working together to develop a the new Zhaga-D4i certification program, for sensors and/or communication devices that can be connected to LED luminaires with plug-and-play interoperability.

In developing the D4i specifications, DiiA worked closely with the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) C137 on Lighting Systems. The ANSI committee provided feedback on the draft DiiA specifications, and forthcoming ANSI standards in this area will be aligned with the DiiA specifications.

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Speaker: Scott Wade

Technical & Certification Manager


Scott Wade has been Technical & Certification Manager for DiiA, and previously the DALI working group, since August 2013. He developed and implemented the DALI-2 certification program on behalf of DiiA. For around 14 years, he has been an industry expert member of the IEC 62386 standardisation team.

Prior to DiiA/DALI, Dr. Wade was NPI Director for Electronics and Systems at Honeywell ED&S, and prior to that was at Helvar, most recently as R&D Manager for Lighting Controls. Dr. Wade holds a Ph.D. in Power Electronics, and an M.Eng. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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