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DiiA at Light+Building 2018

Visit DiiA at stand no. FOY16 in the foyer outside Hall 4.1.

Light+Building 2018 takes place on March 18-23, 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany

What can you see and do at the DiiA booth?

► View our DALI demos: we have 3 demo boards that show the operation of DALI devices and systems in different scenarios.

► Speak with DALI experts, including our Technical & Certification Manager, Scott Wade

► See DALI products from some of our DiiA members

► Pick up a handout that tells you where to find DiiA members at the show (see list below)

► View our presentations to learn more about DALI and DiiA

If you want to make an appointment to visit the booth, or have any further questions, please contact Tim Whitaker.

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DiiA presentation

DALI-2: Recent Developments in the IEC Standard and Impact on Lighting Technology

Scott Wade, DiiA Technical and Certification Manager, will give a presentation as part of the ZVEI Technology Forum

Location: Hall 8.0, booth C41

Date: Wednesday 21st March 

Time: 16:00-16:20


DiiA members at
Light+Building 2018

    DALI products on show at member's booth:
1 = Control gear (drivers)
2 = Application controllers & bus power supplies
3 = Input devices (buttons, sensors etc)
4 = Luminaires
5 = Emergency and exit lighting & signs
Company Hall Booth 1 2 3 4 5
Lumitech Agora B20      
Philips Lighting Forum A01      
LEDVANCE 2.0 B10        
OSRAM 2.0 B50  
ERCO 3.0 A10        
DIAL 3.0 A80          
NormaGrup Technology 3.0 B40
GLAMOX 3.0 C51  
BEGA 3.0 C91  
TRILUX 3.0 D11    
Daisalux 3.0 E91        
NORKA Automation GmbH 3.1 A71        
Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG 3.1 B31      
ES-SYSTEM 3.1 E15      
Kinglumi - Meeting room "Respekt" 3.1        
Fulham 4.0 A12    
One-LUX Ltd 4.0 A20        
Hytronik Industrial Co., Ltd. 4.0 A85      
Mean Well Europe B.V. 4.0 A86        
BAG Electronics 4.0 B11        
Vossloh-Schwabe 4.0 B50        
Wieland Electric GmbH 4.0 B61          
ELT 4.0 B80        
TCI Telecomunicazioni Italia 4.0 C81        
HEP Tech Co., Ltd. 4.0 E11        
STEINEL Solutions AG 4.0 E13      
eldoLED 4.0 E81        
Virtual Extension 4.0 G20          
Foshan Huaquan Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd. 4.0 G60        
FSP Technology Inc. 4.0 G70        
Self Electronics Co.,Ltd 4.0 G89      
DiiA, the global DALI Alliance 4.1 FOY16 -- -- -- -- --
EEC Electronics 4.1 A21        
Dalcnet srl 4.1 A40        
Lutron 4.1 C61        
Eaton Lighting Systems 4.1 D30        
NormaLux 4.1 E51
Beş A Electronics 4.1 K71    
Airam Electric Oy AB 4.2 C90        
OMS a.s. 4.2 F10  
Viapaq Lighting 5.0 A50        
GEWISS  5.0 C70        
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. 6.2 B04        
Edison Opto Corporation 6.2 C40          
Aurex Industries, Inc. 8.0 A91      
Carlo Gavazzi Controls 8.0 D07        
Theben AG 8.0 D30        
ABB Stotz-Kontakt, ABB Kaufel 8.0 F50      
Insta 8.0 F98        
B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH 8.0 G48    
Niko 8.0 J61      
IPAS GmbH 9.0 B75        
Intesis Software 9.1 A96        
DEUTA Controls GmbH 9.1 B35        
Helvar 9.1 B60    
GRE Alpha 9.1 B60        
LOYTEC electronics GmbH 9.1 D56      
Silvair 9.1 E80        
Ningbo Ledeshi Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd 10.1 B45      
LEEDARSON Lighting Co., Ltd. 10.1 C51  
Inventronics Europe B.V. 10.1 C59        
Zhuhai Ltech Technology Co., Ltd. 10.1 E37        
Shanghai MOONS’ Automation Control 10.1 E64        
Lifud Technology Co., Ltd 10.1 E65    
Dongguan BOKE LED Drivers Co., Ltd 10.1 F86        
Shenzhen Sunricher Technology Limited 10.2 A61R      
Artilect Green Co., Ltd. 10.2 B11E    
Shanghai Euchips Industrial Co., Ltd. 10.2 B60R      
Cincon Electronics Co., Ltd. 10.2 C41        
Zhuhai Shengchang Electronics Co., Ltd 10.2 E61G        
Siemens AG 11.0 B56      
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG 11.0 C56        
WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG 11.0 D30      
Schneider Electric Industries SAS  11.1 D56        
Tridonic: Palais Livingston Frankfurter, Presseclub, Ulmenstr. 20        

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