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Light+Building 2022

Light+Building 2022: October 2-6 in Frankfurt, Germany

DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_2
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_10
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_4
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_7
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_1
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_3
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_6
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_9
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_11
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_5
DALI Alliance booth at Light+Building 2022_8
Please visit the DALI Alliance booth:

Hall 8.0, D70

DALI Alliance staff and other experts will be very pleased to answer your questions. Contact us if you would like to arrange an appointment. 
>> View our Press Release: "DALI Alliance to put wireless in the spotlight at Light+Building 2022"
The following DALI Alliance member companies will exhibit on our booth: The tradeshow floor is open at the following times:
  • Artilect Green Co., Ltd.
  • EmCom Technology Inc.
  • JDRF Electromag Engineering Inc.
  • Leedarson (Xiamen Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd.)
  • Lifud Technology Co., Ltd.
  • OSRAM (ams OSRAM Group)
  • Steinel Vertrieb GmbH

Sunday 2nd October to Wednesday 5th October
► 9 am to 6 pm

Thursday 6th October
► 9 am to 5 pm



DALI Alliance members at Light+Building

>> Download the full list (by Hall number, and alphabetically by company)

DALI Alliance member Hall Booth
BEGA 3.0 C91
IMPERIAL Sp. z o.o. 3.0 E49
Lamptime Elektrik A.S. 3.0 E61
NormaGrup Technology S.A. 3.0 B40
RIDI Leuchten GmbH 3.0 B30
The Light Group GmbH 3.0 F40
Artemide Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG 3.1 F51
Linea Light Group 3.1 F41
Lival OY AB 3.1 E41
Televés, S.A.U. 4.0 A64
Bes A Elektrik ve Elektronik 4.1 C72
Delta Electronics, Inc. 4.1 H21
Electrozemper S.A. 4.1 D50
EEC Electronics 4.1 A38
Josef Barthelme GmbH & Co. KG 4.1 D33
Lampec AG / Luxbox Ltd 4.1 C61
Leedarson Iot Technology Inc. 4.1 B65
Ningbo Ledeshi 4.1 F91
Radium Lampenwerk GmbH 4.1 C21
rutec Licht GmbH & Co. KG 4.1 D10
Arrant-Light Oy 8.0 F02
Artilect Green Co., Ltd. 8.0 D70
BOKE Drivers Co., Ltd. 8.0 B68
Casambi Technologies Oy 8.0 C50
CMC Engineering GmbH 8.0 H28
CUPOWER-Shenzhen Xiezhen Electronics Co., Ltd 8.0 E19
Dalcnet S.r.l. 8.0 C91
DDS elettronica S.R.L. 8.0 G20
DEKRA Certification B.V. 8.0 G40
Eaglerise Electric & Electronic (China) Co., Ltd. 8.0 K33
Entity Elettronica S.r.l. 8.0 C68
EmCom Technology Inc. 8.0 D70
Guangzhou Skydance Co. Ltd.  8.0 K05
Helvar Oy Ab 8.0 D38
HEP GmbH 8.0 B18
HK Kinglumi Co., Limited 8.0 K50
Inventronics (Hangzhou), Inc. 8.0 A10
JDRF Electromag Engineering Inc. 8.0 D70
KGP Electronics GmbH 8.0 E11
Leedarson (Xiamen Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd.) 8.0 D70
Lichtvision Engineering GmbH 8.0 J68
Lifud Technology Co., Ltd. 8.0 D70
Ltech LED B.V. 8.0 F30
LumenRadio AB 8.0 B70
MOSO Power Tech (HK) International Limited 8.0 K42
Nordic Power Converters 8.0 B11
OSRAM Digital Systems 8.0 D70
Pharos Architectural Controls Limited 8.0 C71
Plejd AB 8.0 E78
Qualitron S.r.l. 8.0 D30
Samsung Semiconductor Europe GmbH 8.0 F40
SELF Electronics Co., Ltd. 8.0 B79
Shanghai Euchips Industrial Co., Ltd. 8.0 M80
Shenzhen SOSEN Electronics Co Ltd 8.0 F18
Steinel Vertrieb GmbH 8.0 D70
TCI Telecomunicazioni Italia S.r.l. 8.0 F28
TE Connectivity Corp. 8.0 D28
UL International Italia S.r.l. 8.0 H40
Up-shine Lighting Co., Limited 8.0 K46
WAGO GmbH & Co. KG 8.0 B30
Zhuhai Shengchang ELectronics Co., Ltd. 8.0 J10
HMS Industrial Networks 9.0 B22
IPAS GmbH 9.0 B74
LOYTEC electronics GmbH (Delta) 9.0 D30
MBS GmbH 9.0 D20
MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH 9.0 D10
Renesas Electronics 9.0 E10
Zennio Avance y Tecnología S.L. 9.0 D46
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG 11.0 C56
Duemmegi S.r.l. 11.0 D65
Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH 11.0 D74
Siemens AG 11.0 B56
Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co KG 11.1 B56
Ekinex S.p.A. 11.1 C56
Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG 11.1 B16
Schneider Electric / Merten 11.1 D56
SIMON 11.1 C51
ABB Stotz - Kontakt GmbH 12.0 A51
MEAN WELL Europe B.V. 12.0 B91
Niko 12.0 B80
Theben AG 12.0 E03
Hager Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG 12.1 B50


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