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DALI-2 certification timeline updated

DiiA, the global alliance for DALI lighting control, has updated its Timeline for DALI-2 certification.

DiiA’s Technical & Certification Work Group (T&C WG) develops DALI-2 test specifications for different product types and features, allowing manufacturers to demonstrate product compliance and achieve DALI-2 certification.

The T&C WG is currently evaluating beta versions of the DALI-2 test-sequence software required to test a variety of input devices, namely push buttons (designated Part 301), absolute input devices (Part 302), occupancy sensors (Part 303), light sensors (Part 304). DiiA plans to release the test-sequence software to members in Q1 of 2019 (subject to change).

Meanwhile, Part 209 defines control gear such as LED drivers that enable colour control. A beta version of the DALI-2 test-sequence software for colour type Tc will be available in Q1 of 2019, with a planned release date of Q2 (subject to change).

The T&C WG is also developing test specifications for the new DiiA/DALI Parts 25x covering data storage/reporting and power-supply requirements.

Future priorities are shown in the Timeline.

Priorities for developing test specifications and expanding the DALI-2 certification program are determined by DiiA members with reference to market requirements.

The work is carried out by volunteers from DiiA member companies, and further volunteers are required to make sure that all of the planned work can be carried out.

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