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DiiA, D4i and Zhaga feature in recent trade-press articles

June 6, 2019

Several recent magazine articles have discussed DiiA, the new D4i specifications for intra-luminaire DALI, and the upcoming Zhaga-D4i certification program.

All these articles, as well as news from DiiA members and other press articles, can be found in the “DiiA & DALI in the media” section of our website.

The  May/June issue of LED Professional features an article entitled “Zhaga-D4i certification signals plug-and-play interoperability.” This gives more information on the new Zhaga-D4i certification program, which indicates plug-and-play interoperability of luminaires, sensors and communication nodes, and represents an important collaboration between two major, innovative lighting-industry organizations, Zhaga and DiiA.

Meanwhile, the June issue of LEDs Magazine has an article from editor Maury Wright entitled “Intra-luminaire interfaces pave a path to a smart LED luminaire future.” This explains how standardization of an interface used to connect subsystems internal to a luminaire will allow SSL manufacturers an affordable path to delivering smart lighting.

Elsewhere in the same issue, Wright has written an article focused on the new D4i specifications, entitled “DiiA announces D4i extension to DALI for intra-luminaire smart SSL interface.”

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