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D4i specifications updated and new Part 351 published by DiiA

October 23, 2019

DiiA has published new versions of its D4i specifications, which describe power-supply requirements and smart-data capabilities, primarily for intra-luminaire DALI applications.

Also, a new specification entitled “DALI Part 351 – Luminaire-mounted Control Devices” has been published for the first time.

These DiiA specifications can be downloaded, free of charge, from the DiiA website.

Smart data and power-supply specifications

The DiiA specifications listed below have been updated to version 1.1. Most changes are clarifications, and also some corrections of memory bank ranges. The power consumer section of Part 150 has been moved to the new Part 351, and Part 250 has one new command added.

  • DALI Part 150 – AUX Power Supply
  • DALI Part 250 – Integrated Bus Power Supply
  • DALI Part 251 – Memory Bank 1 Extension (luminaire data)
  • DALI Part 252 – Energy Reporting
  • DALI Part 253 – Diagnostics & Maintenance

Parts 251-253 define storage and access of data in the DALI memory banks of control gear. Data related to the light source, driver and luminaire is available for enhanced asset tracking and performance monitoring.

Parts 150 and 250 relate to power-supply requirements for the DALI bus and connected devices. Part 250 defines control gear with an integrated DALI bus power supply, while Part 150 covers additional, or auxiliary, 24V DC power supplies for situations where additional power is required.

New DALI Part 351

DALI Part 351 is a new specification for control devices that are used in or on, or are attached to, a luminaire. Control devices can be bus-powered or externally powered (e.g. by an AUX supply).

The specification includes requirements for power consumption, a mechanism to arbitrate between multiple application controllers, and a memory bank definition for multi-master devices.

The specification includes several device types. These will be explained in a forthcoming Application Note, that will also give some example use-cases.

Testing and certification

The test sequences for Parts 150 and 250-253 are currently undergoing final checks by volunteers in DiiA’s Technical & Certification Work Group. The tests are expected to be released to DiiA members within a few weeks. Part 351 tests are at an earlier stage in development and will be released later.

The availability of test sequences will allow each of these specifications to be included in the DALI-2 certification program. If products such as control gear (e.g. LED drivers) meet a certain set of requirements then they will eligible to carry the D4i logo. The rules for D4i certification are explained in a new document, “D4i Certification and Trademark Use”, which will be published soon.

D4i specifications for intra-luminaire DALI 

Example of intra-luminaire DALI in street lighting, showing an outdoor luminaire with two nodes. There is a sensor on the underside, and a wireless node on the top side which can communicate with an external lighting-control network.


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