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DiiA unveils details of certification process

In readiness for the start of the DALI-2 certification program, DiiA has released details of the process, and members are now able to purchase certification credits.

Full details of the certification process can be found on the Certification Home page in the Member Area of the DiiA website.

The process is explained in two critical documents which can be downloaded via the Certification Home page:

  • Trademark Guidelines for Members
  • DiiA Certification Process

DALI-2 product certification requires pre-payment of a certification fee by the DiiA member company. Payment is made by the purchase of certification credits. DiiA members can now prepare for the launch of DALI-2 certification by purchasing certification credits, as explained on our website.

The first product certifications and registrations will be possible as soon as the test-sequence software for Part 207 (LED control gear) is released. This is expected to be around mid-July.