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Scott Wade from DiiA to present at LED Professional Symposium

Scott Wade, DiiA’s Technical and Certification Manager, will make a presentation at the upcoming LED Professional Symposium, which takes place in Bregenz, Austria on September 26-28, 2017.

The presentation is entitled “DALI Version 2: Lighting Systems and Interoperability Benefit from New Standards and Mandatory Certification.”

Scott will speak in Session 4 (11:00 – 13:00) on Wednesday September 27, as part of the new Trends in Lighting (TiL) Forum.

More details on the talk can be found here.


The DALI trademark logo is internationally recognised as the mark that indicates the quality of interoperability of products designed to communicate according to IEC 62386. The original standard only covered control gear – devices that are usually directly connected to a lamp.

To make a big step forward in system interoperability, the “DALI 2” standard was developed to include control devices for the first time. The first publications of this new version of the standard described the general requirements for such devices. Publication of four new Parts of the standard now enables standardisation of input devices such as push-buttons, occupancy sensors, sliders and light sensors.

At the request of industry experts, a DALI-2 certification program was started by DiiA in June 2017. The combination of the worldwide IEC 62386 family of standards and mandatory product certification greatly improves the quality of interoperability of DALI 2 products for use within lighting systems.


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