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First D4i certified LED driver added to DiiA product database

December 16, 2019

DiiA, the global DALI alliance, is pleased to announce that the first certified D4i LED driver—the OT DX 40/220-240/1A0 DIMA LT2 E product from DiiA member OSRAM—has been added to the product database on the DiiA website.

DiiA announced the start of D4i certification in November 2019. D4i brings standardization to intra-luminaire DALI, and extends the existing DALI-2 program by adding a specific set of new features that create new possibilities for DALI in the IoT world. By specifying power-supply requirements and smart-data capabilities, D4i enables intelligent, connected, future-proofed LED luminaires.

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As D4i certification is an extension of DALI-2 certification, the OSRAM product is entitled to carry one or both of the DALI-2 and D4i logos. In order for the product to achieve D4i certification, the test results submitted by OSRAM were verified by DiiA.

Like all DALI-2 LED drivers, the LED driver successfully implements certain DALI-2 Parts (101, 102 and 207). In addition, D4i certification also requires the implementation of a set of DiiA specifications. D4i LED drivers are capable of delivering power to the DALI bus (as specified in DiiA Part 250), and also can store and report a defined set of luminaire, energy and diagnostics data (DiiA Parts 251, 252 and 253).

Finally, the OSRAM product can deliver an auxiliary (AUX) 24V power supply, as defined in DiiA Part 150; this specification is optional for D4i certification.

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