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Tunable white (Tc) colour control is added to DALI-2 certification

February 4, 2020

DiiA has expanded the scope of the DALI-2 certification program by adding tunable white colour control as a feature for control gear.

The DALI-2 tests for Part 209 colour type Tc (tunable white) are now available to DiiA members.

Part 209 of the IEC 62386 standard describes several approaches—known as colour types—that can be used as alternative methods to control the colour output of light sources.

The colour temperature (Tc) method of colour control is commonly referred to as "tunable white".

The other main colour types are RGBWAF (known as "RGB colour control”) and xy chromaticity (known as “xy colour control”) - see footnote. DiiA is developing DALI-2 tests for these colour types. 

DiiA allows trademark use on products that have certain combinations of colour types, as follows:

Tc only (Tunable white) DALI-2 certification is now possible
RGBWAF only (RGB colour control) New product registrations are permitted, allowing DALI version-1 trademark use

All three colour types together in the same product

i.e. Tc + RGBWAF + xy (multi-type colour control)

New product registrations are permitted, allowing DALI version-1 trademark use

Colour control gear with other combinations of colour types, including xy only, are not permitted to carry the DALI or DALI-2 Trademarks.

DiiA members can find more information on certification and registration on the member website.


Part 209 of IEC 62386 also includes the Primary-N colour type. DiiA decided that there was no need for Primary-N, since all functionality can be met by the RGBWAF colour type, and lamp colour calibration (calibration of the primaries) is done in a manufacturer-specific way. 

Part 209 of IEC 62386 is also known as "Device Type 8" or "DT8".

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