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First Zhaga-D4i luminaires are certified

March 18, 2020

Several outdoor LED luminaries have received Zhaga-D4i certification, as part of the joint program from Zhaga and DiiA.

The first certified Zhaga-D4i luminaires were the Luma Gen2 from Signify (see image, right), followed by the Flexia and Izylum (see image, left) fixtures from Schréder.

Zhaga-D4i luminaires have a powered Zhaga receptacle, which can accommodate a sensor or communication node with a corresponding Zhaga plug.

Also, Zhaga-D4i luminaires use LED drivers meeting the D4i requirements, including the availability of DALI-2 luminaire, energy and diagnostics data.

Zhaga-D4i luminaires are listed on the Zhaga website, while D4i drivers can be found in the DiiA online Product Database. There are already more than 30 certified D4i drivers from 3 manufacturers in the database. 

The first Zhaga-D4i luminaires are outdoor fixtures that are certified in accordance with the requirements of Zhaga Book 18 Ed 2.0, published in late 2019. In due course, Zhaga-D4i certification will be extended to include Zhaga Book 20, for indoor applications.

Based on complementary specifications from Zhaga and DiiA, Zhaga-D4i makes it easy to add or upgrade sensors and/or communication nodes. This enables smart, future-proof LED luminaires with IoT connectivity.

Certification indicates interoperability, and allows the use of the Zhaga and D4i logos on the luminaires.

>> More information on Zhaga-D4i, including our updated joint presentation


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