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Webinar: Connected DALI-2 lighting control for intelligent, occupant-friendly buildings

June 3, 2020

DiiA has teamed up with Lux Review magazine to provide a special webinar on the benefits of DALI-2 for flexible, connected, intelligent lighting control that contributes to efficiency and comfort in buildings.

The webinar takes place on Wednesday 24 June 2020 at 11.00 CEST (10:00 UK time, 17:00 in China).

The speakers are Paul Drosihn, general manager of DiiA, and Scott Wade, DiiA’s technical and certification manager.

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The webinar will explore features such as tunable-white colour control, along with new specifications that enable luminaires and LED drivers to provide a rich set of performance data for diagnostics and performance monitoring.

This webinar also describes how intelligent lighting-control systems can gather data from sensors and respond to instructions from occupants to create comfortable and efficient environments.

You’ll also learn about the benefits associated with standardised DALI-2 features such as dimming and colour control, and how this translates into improved productivity and wellbeing.

Finally, the webinar will also cover DiiA’s cooperation with organisations such as the Zigbee Alliance, Thread Group and Bluetooth SIG, which will standardise the way that DALI lighting-control can be integrated with wireless networking and IP-based systems.

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