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D4i questions answered

October 9, 2020

A recent Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) webinar provided a detailed update on D4i applications, technology and supporting specifications.

Entitled “See Your Lighting System in a New Light with D4i” the webinar was presented by Michael Davidson and Joe Hallman of DALI Alliance (DiiA) member Synapse Wireless.

Attendees asked a broad range of questions about D4i, and the presenters worked with the DALI Alliance to provide answers.

>> Download the full set of questions and answers

Among the wide range of questions asked were the following:

  • Is D4i proprietary technology?
  • What happens when the driver dies? Does the information go away?
  • Is there a strong emphasis on outdoor vs. indoor for D4i?
  • How will this integrate with HVAC systems?
  • How do you ensure the D4i logo is not being misused?
  • Is each manufacturer providing its own software to monitor and create reports on the D4i data?
  • Will there be options to retrofit current luminaires?
  • How many systems are actively able to access the D4i data?
  • What of the C136.41 receptacle? Will it be replaced by the Zhaga 18 socket?
>> More information about D4i

The FAQs section of our D4i page was recently updated to add the following:

How can I use multiple D4i luminaires in DALI systems?
To use multiple D4i luminaires together in the same DALI system, ensure the maximum bus power supply current of 250mA will not be exceeded. For example, a D4i luminaire with one driver may have a maximum bus power supply current of 60mA. Four such luminaires could be connected together on a DALI bus (the total maximum bus power supply current would be 240 mA). But if more than four luminaires are connected, then one or more of the bus power supplies will need to be disabled. For D4i drivers, this can be done using a programming tool before connecting the luminaire's DALI bus into the larger system.


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