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DALI-2 certification now includes Part 208 for relays and switches

November 6, 2020

The DALI Alliance (DiiA) has extended the DALI-2 certification program to include control gear that function as switches and relays. Such devices implement Part 208 of the DALI-2 certification scheme, which is built on the international IEC 62386 standard.

Part 208 devices are used for loads that need to be switched on or off, with no dimming. They are most frequently used with non-controllable luminaires, allowing them to be switched on/off as part of the lighting control system. They can also be used to switch non-lighting loads such as motors, actuators, blinds, shutters or curtains.

The DALI Alliance product database contains every product that has successfully completed the DALI-2 certification process, which includes verification of test results. DALI-2 certification and logo usage builds further confidence in cross-vendor product interoperability.

The first certified devices that implement Part 208 are already listed in the database.

The SU 1 DALI-2 switch actuator (Product ID = 3699) from Theben AG is an operating device for non-dimmable loads (control gear switching). The device has an adjustable switch-on level after failure of the DALI bus voltage, and the thresholds of the relay can easily be set via the DALI bus.

Meanwhile, LOYTEC electronics GmbH has achieved certification for two DALI-2 relay modules, the LDALI-RM5 and LDALI-RM6 (Products IDs = 3700 and 3702, respectively).

DALI-2 Part 208 was included in the latest release of test sequences to members. This also included Part 351 for luminaire-mounted control devices (see News).


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