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First D4i control device is certified by DALI Alliance

December 11, 2020

SELC Ireland Ltd has become the first DALI Alliance member to achieve D4i certification of a control device.

The SELC External RF DC Node is an external luminaire module with embedded communications that provides secure, two-way control and monitoring for outdoor lighting.

D4i certification of control devices requires implementation of the DiiA Specification “DALI Part 351: Luminaire-mounted control devices.” The SELC module is a type D device, as defined in Part 351.

D4i enables DALI in intelligent, IoT-ready luminaires. By taking care of control and power requirements, D4i makes it much easier to mount sensors and communication devices on luminaires. D4i certification of control devices was launched in October 2020. 

D4i certification is an extension of the well-established DALI-2 certification program, and is open to all DALI Alliance members. All D4i-certified products—including D4i LED drivers from a number of suppliers—are listed in our online product database.

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