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DALI Alliance issues specifications for Wireless to DALI Gateways

Wireless to DALI® Gateways allow existing DALI wired products to be used in either Bluetooth® mesh or Zigbee® wireless ecosystems. 

April 15, 2021

The DALI Alliance (DiiA) has published specifications for Wireless to DALI Gateways that define how DALI lighting products can be incorporated into two widely-used, non-DALI wireless ecosystems, namely Bluetooth mesh and Zigbee. 

>> View the full press release
>> Press release in Chinese 联盟新闻 - DALI 联盟发布无线转 DALI 网关规范 (qq.com)
>> More information on wireless gateways
>> Download the gateway specifications

The new specifications are part of the DALI Alliance’s strategy to enable both wired and wireless connectivity for DALI, providing flexibility and creative freedom for lighting designers, OEMs, and system integrators. Many factors determine whether wired or wireless (or a combination of using both) is the best option for a project, so choice is key.

Wireless to DALI Gateways provide the flexibility to incorporate DALI luminaires and other DALI devices into the control network, so it becomes very straightforward to add lighting capabilities alongside the other features of the wireless ecosystem.

Existing DALI devices can be used with these gateways, and there is already an extensive range of certified and interoperable DALI-2 and D4i products on the market.

The gateway specifications enable well-defined and consistent lighting behaviour.

Another key benefit is data and analytics; the gateway specifications enable DALI control gear to report luminaire, energy and diagnostics data (as defined in Parts 251-253) to the wireless ecosystem via the gateway.

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