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DALI+ delivers DALI lighting control with wireless and IP-based networking

New DALI Alliance specification supports DALI+ across different carriers, extending choice and flexibility in connected lighting.

May 5, 2021

The DALI Alliance has launched DALI+, a new brand that denotes DALI over wireless and IP-based networks.

DALI+ devices communicate using existing DALI commands, but these are carried over a wireless and/or IP-based medium rather than the dedicated pair of wires used by DALI-2 and D4i.

DALI+ builds on the proven and sophisticated DALI lighting-control features in wired (DALI-2 and D4i) options, and offers access to the same rich set of data from control gear, luminaires and sensors.

In combination with a wireless carrier, DALI+ enables true wireless DALI, without any need to translate between protocols.

DALI+ enables lighting solutions that can easily scale to building-wide networks, or even across multiple buildings, by using new addressing features.

DALI+ is supported by a new DiiA Specification entitled "Part 104 Changes and Additions" which updates to the published Part 104 of the international IEC 62386 standard. The first version of this new specification supports IP-based protocols such as Thread, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Initially, the DALI Alliance is developing tests that will enable a new "DALI+ with Thread" certification program. 

>> View the full press release (English)
>> Press release in Chinese - 联盟新闻 - DALI 联盟发布 DALI+ 技术 (qq.com)
>> Press release in German - DALI+ ermöglicht DALI-Lichtsteuerung über funk- und IP-basierte Netzwerke
>> More information on DALI+
>> Download the Part 104 Changes specification

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