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First DALI-2 products certified by DiiA members

The first DALI-2 devices have been certified by DiiA, and are listed in the Product Database on the DiiA website.

The DALI-2 certification program was launched on August 28, 2017 as a result of the dedicated and ongoing collaborative effort by DiiA member companies.

DALI-2 certification, which allows the product to carry the DALI-2 logo, indicates compliance with the relevant parts of version 2 of IEC 62386, the international DALI standard.

The first certified products are LED drivers from Helvar and OSRAM. These were tested according to Parts 101, 102 and 207 of IEC 62386. Further details are given below.

DiiA provides test sequences to allow its members to carry out DALI-2 testing, and then the results are verified by DiiA before certification is granted. DiiA also provides test sequences for DALI version-1 testing; companies can register their DALI version-1 products on the DiiA website, but this is a self-declaration procedure without verification.

Helvar: LL1x80-CR-DA

Read Helvar's announcement: Helvar is the first in the world to launch DALI-2 certified LED driver

Helvar describes the LL1x80-CR-DA as “a 80W high-efficiency linear DALI-2 LED driver with Helvar’s unique filtered hybrid dimming technology, achieving extremely high quality light output at the lowest dimming levels.”

OSRAM: OTi DALI 25/220-240/700 LT2

The programmable DALI-2 LED Driver with 25W allows flicker-free amplitude dimming down to 1% with integrated constant lumen function and is suitable for the emergency installations

OSRAM: OTi DALI 50/220-240/1A4 LT2 FAN

The programmable DALI-2 LED Driver with 50W allows flicker-free amplitude dimming down to 1% with integrated constant lumen function and provide in addition a 12V auxiliary supply for fans or beacons.