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Panellists discuss DALI pain points at DALI China Summit

April 30, 2021

One of the highlights of the recent 2nd DALI China Summit (April 9th in Beijing) was the “Reverse the Conversation” session.

This brought together a group of 11 experts representing lighting institutes, designers, DALI member companies and end users, hosted by Kong Jisong, "First Design" all-media platform CEO, to discuss ‘pain points’ related to DALI applications, technology and marketing, and to offer professional insights.

First Design, the organizers of the DALI China Summit, wrote a detailed article entitled "Reverse the conversation | Breaking the 'Chinese Dilemma', the evolution and future of DALI-2" which is available in Chinese.

>> 反转对话 | 破局"中国式困境",DALI-2的演进与未来


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