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DALI Alliance launches China Focus Group

May 18, 2021

The DALI Alliance today launched its China Focus Group (DALI-CFG), which will represent the organization in the Greater China region, work closely with the lighting industry, and contribute to the development of China's intelligent lighting market.

>> Read the full report - "DALI smart lighting is ready to go!"

DALI(大力)智慧照明整装待发!-智能头条 (le365.cc)

The launch meeting was held with representatives from eight leading DALI smart-lighting service providers: Delta, Helvar, Ledvance, Leedarson, Osram, Signify, Tridonic and Zencontrol. DALI Alliance staff members attended by video conference.

Among many other activities, the DALI-CFG will work closely with First Design to organize the next DALI China Summit.

The DALI-CFG has already organized a DALI seminar at next month’s Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE).

>> First Design report: "DALI Alliance China Focus Group established to develop China's smart lighting market"

DALI 聚焦 | DALI联盟中国焦点组成立,发力中国智慧照明市场 (qq.com)


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