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DALI Connectivity webinar - Materials available

July 7, 2021

Today the DALI Alliance presented a webinar entitled “DALI and Connectivity: Choice and flexibility with DALI+ and Wireless Gateways”.

Presentation materials Download here
Webinar recording View on YouTube
Written Q&A View here

Webinar overview

Our webinar describes the newly-introduced DALI connectivity options, including DALI+ and wireless gateways. 

DALI is evolving to encompass both wired and wireless connectivity. Clearly, offering the industry greater choice is the right move because there are projects when one or other solution (or a hybrid of both) is deemed the right fit depending on the specific requirements, environment and other factors.

The launch of DALI+, a new brand for DALI over wireless and IP-based networks, along with the publication of new specifications for standardized Wireless to DALI Gateways, opens the door to greater choice and freedom for lighting specifiers, especially for IoT-based projects.

We provide more detail on our new specifications that enable DALI+ over carriers including Thread, as well as Bluetooth mesh to DALI gateways and Zigbee to DALI gateways. 

We also explain how we are developing certification programs with our liaison partners Thread Group, Bluetooth SIG and the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

The webinar allowed plenty of time to answer questions from the audience.

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