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DALI seminar at GILE: Intelligent lighting control protocol in the IoT era

August 11, 2021

The China Focus Group of the DALI Alliance hosted a seminar at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) on August 4, entitled "DALI: Intelligent Lighting Control Protocol in the IoT Era".


  • Dr. Huang Feng, chairman of DALI CFG, chief expert of Signify standards and regulations department
  • Mr. Li Jinbiao, R&D director, BOKE Drivers Co., Ltd.
  • Ms. Wang Hui, lighting engineering department, CVC Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Ms. Zeng Shijun, product manager, zencontrol
  • Zhang Ziliang, Asia-Pacific product manager, OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems
  • Hu Guoqin, product manager, Shanghai MOONS’ Automation Control Co., Ltd
  • Chen Zhifeng, technical manager, Helvar

View the report on the official DALI Alliance WeChat channel:

>> 论坛回顾 | 迈向IoT时代,DALI将如何应对?

  • Chinese language

View the seminar report in English:

>> GILE 2021 - DALI seminar review and photos

View the recording of the entire seminar

>> DALI:IoT时代的智能照明控制协议技术详解论坛

  • Event starts after approx. 24 minutes
  • All presentations in Chinese language

View the event preview on the official DALI Alliance WeChat channel:

>> GILE 2021 分论坛健康·永续—DALI:IoT时代的智能照明控制协议

  • Chinese language