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Smart City Lighting Summit on August 25

August 23, 2021

The Smart City Lighting Summit takes place on Wednesday August 25 and features an excellent line-up of speakers including Paul Drosihn, General Manager of the DALI Alliance.

Paul’s presentation is entitled “Standardization in Smart City Lighting: Zhaga-D4i Enables Smart, Connected, Future-Proof LED Luminaires” – details below.

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Standardization in Smart City Lighting: Zhaga-D4i Enables Smart, Connected, Future-Proof LED Luminaires

Paul Drosihn, General Manager - DALI Alliance
4:15pm US Central Time

Standardization plays a key role in the Smart City Environment. Zhaga-D4i standardization offers plug-and-play interoperability of certified luminaires, sensors and communication nodes. The program combines specifications from the DALI Alliance and the Zhaga Consortium, two international lighting-industry organizations. The mechanical and electrical interfaces of the Zhaga Book 18 connector system (the “plug”) are combined with D4i, which standardizes the control and power interfaces (the “play”).

Other standardization bodies are taking a similar route; for example, the North American ANSI C137.4 standard is based on and harmonized with the specifications for D4i.

D4i uses the digital lighting-specific DALI protocol inside the luminaire, not only to enable well-defined and consistent lighting behavior but also to provide access to a rich data-set that is stored and reported in standardized formats. This provides opportunities such as real-time monitoring of energy and power usage, and access to diagnostics information for predictive maintenance. Very large outdoor installations have used D4i data for asset management, automated commissioning and many other tasks.

Moreover, D4i ensures that power is available when a sensor or communication node is plugged into the receptacle on the luminaire.

The Zhaga-D4i certification program now enables a certified ecosystem of interoperable products from multiple vendors. A significant number of luminaire makers have certified their Zhaga-D4i luminaires, which have one or more powered Zhaga receptacles and also contain D4i LED drivers. Control devices – for example, light-level or occupancy sensors, as well as control nodes that can communicate wirelessly with external networks – were recently added to the Zhaga-D4i program.

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