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Colour-control options added to DALI-2 certification program

DALI-2 testing now includes RGBWAF and xy colour types along with tunable white.

October 19, 2021

Additional methods to control the colour output of light sources have been added to the DALI-2 certification program, which is operated by the DALI Alliance.

As the leading globally-standardized protocol for digital lighting control, DALI enables several alternative methods – known as colour types – that can be used to control the colour output of LEDs and other light sources.

The DALI Alliance has added DALI-2 tests for LED drivers and other control gear that use two colour types, known as RGBWAF and xy. These DALI-2 options are now available alongside colour type Tc (widely known as tunable white).

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>> More information on DALI colour control

“The combination of colour control and the standardized DALI dimming curve provide a powerful tool for lighting designers and other users. DALI scenes allow recall and smooth fading of colour as well as brightness,” says Paul Drosihn, DALI Alliance General Manager. “The new options for colour control are an important addition to the DALI-2 program, and strengthen market confidence in the interoperable behaviour of DALI lighting-control devices.”

Colour types explained

Colour type RGBWAF allows simple control of up to 6 individual channels of colour (red, green, blue, white, amber and free colour).

For more sophisticated control, colour type xy allows precise and repeatable selection of the colour coordinates from the CIE colour space chromaticity diagram.

Colour type Tc allows control of the correlated colour temperature (CCT) along the black-body line, from warm white to cool white.

Colour types Tc and xy allow calibration of the light-source and control-gear combination, enabling higher colour accuracy.

>> Download the press release
>> More information on DALI colour control


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