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Tridonic compares NEMA and Zhaga-D4i sockets for outdoor lighting

November 24, 2022

The two main global socket standards for outdoor lighting are the NEMA ANSI C136.41 socket (NEMA standard) and the Zhaga Book 18 socket (Zhaga standard) combined with the D4i intra-luminaire bus standard.

A new document from Tridonic compares NEMA ANSI 136.41 and Zhaga-D4i in terms of size / mechanical attributes, maturity, safety, flexibility, power considerations, interoperability and cost.

>> Download the document “NEMA vs Zhaga-D4i” from the Tridonic website

In conclusion, Tridonic believes that the Zhaga-D4i architecture will increase its penetration significantly due to:

  • Uniform standards that guarantee interoperability and therefore upgradability ('future-proof') in the market
  • Lower cost of architecture
  • Popular support from a fast-expanding landscape of sensors and controls


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