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DALI Alliance White Paper: Sustainable, Smart and Standardized

March 31, 2023

The DALI Alliance has published a new White Paper entitled “Sustainable, Smart and Standardized: How DALI Enables Efficient, Future-Proof Lighting Control Systems”.

>> Download the White Paper

Designers, architects and building owners must consider a wide range of lighting-related issues, including sustainability, the circular economy, energy consumption, data and analytics.

As our White Paper explains, an advanced lighting-control system based on a global standard such as DALI can help to address all these issues. It will reduce energy usage and carbon footprint, as well as decreasing total cost of ownership. It will help meet external requirements, such as legislation for emergency and roadway lighting, while also ensuring that the lighting has a full range of features such as colour control and accurate and repeatable dimming.

Whatever the lighting system’s requirements, standardization with DALI can deliver an efficient, flexible, sustainable and cost-effective solution.

The White Paper discusses sustainability in lighting and explains DALI’s role in future-proof systems. After looking at the wireless future and the options offered by DALI, the paper focuses on how to minimize energy consumption with lighting control, and then describes the importance of data. To finish, the White Paper looks at examples of lighting control in the real world. Many more examples can be found among the winning projects in the DALI Lighting Awards.

>> Download the White Paper


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