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Colour sensor specification added as new Part 305 of IEC 62386

September 25, 2023

A new specification for DALI-based devices that support colour sensing has been published as Part 305 of the international standard IEC 62386.

IEC 62386-305:2023 is applicable to input devices that deliver colour information to the lighting control system through colour sensing.

Part 305 can be purchased from the IEC webstore.

Published in multiple Parts, the IEC 62386 standard is the basis for the DALI lighting-control protocol. The DALI Alliance develops tests that enable DALI-2 product certification. Part 305 may be added to the DALI-2 certification program if there is sufficient interest from DALI Alliance members.

Other specifications for sensors, namely Part 303 for occupancy sensors and Part 304 for light sensors, are already included in the DALI-2 certification program.

Also, IEC is preparing a specification for general-purpose sensors, designated Part 306.

>> Current status of IEC 62386

>> Status of DALI-2 certification program


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